Ellie Goulding Great at Pushing Healthy Eating, Nike Clothing


Nike must be delighted with their brand ambassador Ellie Goulding, 27, a dream promoter for their clothing. What’s there not to like?

Here’s what Goulding just told People Magazine about staying fit:

“Sometimes I can’t go onstage unless I know I’ve done something during the day to open up my lungs. I run around onstage and there’s nothing worse than going out there feeling like your body has been crumpled up in place all day.”

Goulding does yoga and personal training sessions, but more than anything, she loves running (see the Nike connection there?)

“Running is kind of a stress reliever. It gives me a chance to reflect, and it’s the one time when I’m really by myself, ” the English musical star told People. “I can never find anyone who wants to run with me other than trainers. I feel like I run pretty fast and everyone’s intimated by me!”

She also comes across very sensible on food consumption and body image:

“Looking skinny, ” says Goulding, “for me I find it puzzling. I understand maybe when you’re sad you eat a lot or not much at all. I understand women go through phases like that. [But], it’s making women understand that looking good doesn’t mean not eating.”

And then everybody buys Nike stuff for the running, and eat sensibly.

Wait a minute, is there a Nike lean cuisine thing waiting to happen? Could be…


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