Patricia Arquette Defends Bruce Jenner to Meredith Vieira


Patricia Arquette

Inevitable Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner for 2015 Patricia Arquette has come out hard against the people who are making fun of Bruce Jenner who may be a transgender.

While a guest on the Meredith Vieira Show the sister of Rosanna and David and the daughter of a Jewish mother lambasted the media for how it is covering Bruce Jenner these days.

Everyone, from late night talk show hosts to radio personalities like Howard Stern, has mercilessly mocked Bruce Jenner over the years. Let’s face it, though, the man brought this on himself. He has clearly had massive plastic surgery, including multiple face lifts which have left him looking more like a plastic doll than a man.

But now word has come out that Jenner has been doing all of this because he may be transitioning into a woman. But as of now the 1976 decathlon winning Olympic athlete turned actor has not confirmed any of these rumors himself.

So where does Patricia Arquette fit into all of this? Her younger brother was a transgender man who became a woman.

She told Meredith Vieira, “These newspapers, these magazines, that are being so disrespectful. They should be ashamed because they really are on the unforgivable side of history and what they are doing is pathetic and immature and repulsive.”

“If Ms. Jenner is transitioning, I give all my support to her and love and appreciate everything she has given to America and her bravery, because she is fighting a fight for a lot of kids that are being kicked out of their own homes—society turns their back on these kids. It’s really brutal.”

About her younger transgender sister Alexis, the actress said, “I feel like Alexis, my sister, has taught me so much about love and acceptance. It’s a very difficult thing to be transgender, especially twenty years ago when Alexis started. I said, ‘I don’t care what package your comfortable in, love and accept you. I am glad you are here on earth. I want to be with you, spend time with you.’”


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