Govt., Hilton, to Train Professional Chefs for Israel’s Hotel Industry

About half of the graduates will be employed by Hilton Israel.

Illustration image: Hilton kitchen

The Ministry of Economy, in cooperation with Hilton Hotels Israel, will hold two professional training courses in the field of culinary arts in 2015, with the participation of 50 students and an investment of NIS 1 million. The courses will be taught using a work-study model – combining training with practical work – and will take place at the Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel, where the best of the hotel’s chefs will provide instruction.

The first course is set to begin this month; the student selection and recruitment process is currently being finalized. Course materials include a range of theoretical subjects including materials science, nutrition, food sanitation and menu development, as well as hands-on kitchen basics, national cuisines, ethnic food, the gourmet kitchen, institutional cooking, the foundations of patisserie and desserts, food decoration, food presentation and more.

The training is supervised and funded by the Vocational Training Department at the Ministry of Economy. Students who successfully pass the State final examinations (theory and practical) will be awarded a State-authorized stage 1 certification in culinary arts from the Ministry of Economy. After completing the training, the graduates will be employed in one of Israel’s Hilton hotels: Hilton Tel Aviv, Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem and Hilton Eilat Queen of Sheba. Hilton will employ around 20 of the graduates and assist the others in finding placements.

Anna Gluck, Director of Vocational Training and Manpower Development at the Ministry of Economy, welcomed the project and noted that, “a training model in which employers join forces with the government and demonstrate responsibility and involvement is a model that promises high-quality and high-level employment to the graduates. This unique training model is new and experimental, combining study with paid work, in accordance with the law. Training job seekers and discharged soldiers, for work required by the labor market, helps not only the employees, but also the hotel chains which are still feeling the effects of the crisis to the industry following Operation Protective Edge. Hilton Israel has chosen to believe in the country’s tourism industry and, with a view to the long-term, elected to be a part of this joint initiative to develop a culinary corps for the Israeli hotel industry.

Gilad Shloush, Director of Human Resources, Hilton Israel: “There has been an increasing demand over the years for professionals in the field of culinary arts in our hotels in Israel and worldwide. We feel there is great young human potential in Israel and it should be nurtured immediately after military service, instead of importing professional chefs from overseas. We sense that these courses, with the Ministry’s encouragement, are the right way to invest in talented young people who are seeking out places of employment in the fields they really love. Teaching them the very highest standards of Hilton Hotels & Resorts will greatly help their personal development – and will assist in solving the shortage of employees in the field in Israel.”

Interested? Contact: The Human Resources Department, Hilton Hotel, Tel Aviv – 03-5202292, [email protected].

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