Israeli Startup Pixie Helps Find the Stuff You Keep Losing

Israeli startup Pixie has released Pixie Points and the Pixie dedicated app to help people find those small things that we always seem to misplace.

How often do you get hung up when in a rush because you can’t find your keys at the last second? How often do you misplace your cell phone? How about much smaller items?

Well Pixie, which has offices in Los Altos, Boston, and Israel, and is funded by VCs Spark Capital, Cedar Fund, OurCrowd, and private investors, says that it has the answer for you.

The company boasts that it is easy and foolproof for consumers to introduce Pixie into their lives. The “simple, affordable, and secure solution” includes the magical Pixie Points and the Pixie dedicated app it says. The Pixie Points are smart tags that affix to everything from keys, wallets, and remotes – to a toddler’s favorite toy, pet, drone, or just about anything else.

The company states that the Pixies talk to each other and then sync to the Pixie app which performs sophisticated triangulation visible only to the rightful owner. This is manifested in an augmented reality display on the smart phone where an X marks the spot, even if it’s on the other side of a wall or buried under a cushion. And, it’s completely private, so no one can see the tagged items other than their rightful owner.

The same technology enables Pixie users to create and manage individual kits; for example, a travel kit could include a passport, laptop, charger, and pills. Users are notified when they leave with an incomplete kit.

With its Location of Things (LoT) platform, Pixie says that it can offer immediate and broad utility for every household, whether it be a busy family with kids, frequent travelers, messy college students, seniors, or hobbyists with expensive equipment.

“We’ve created an innovative and secure platform that links the physical world to the digital world in a way that has never been done before, ” said Amir Bassan-Eskenazi, CEO and co-Founder of Pixie. “We all own more sophisticated and expensive possessions that we depend on, while we’re increasingly on-the-go and are multi-tasking more than ever. Pixie uses sophisticated technology to create a simple and effortless solution to life’s moving parts that is universally beneficial no matter the age or lifestyle.”

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