Published On: Fri, Dec 26th, 2014

Hey Nicki: Bar Refaeli’s Stella McCartney Dress Doesn’t Go Well with Goosesteps


Don’t you hate it when you go to a party and someone is wearing the same dress as you are? It must be particularly annoying for Israeli model, Bar Refaeli having Nicki Minaj wearing her Stella McCartney dress (I say hers because Refaeli wore it first at the amFAR Milano 2014 Gala) on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, when Bar wore it way back in September. Minaj is infamous for the Neo-Nazi imagery in her incredibly insipid video.

So, should we get a bit suspicious about all of this? Perhaps Minaj is not an anti-semite herself (she just happens to adore super cool Nazi style visuals), but it is a bit strange she decided to try to “improve” on Bar’s look with a few green fringes on the $4, 775 smock. Bar wore classy nude elegant shoes with the fetching dress, while Minaj chose aggressively gauche purple booties, the better to perfect her goosesteps.  Adding insult to injury, whether it was conscious or not, the designer, Stella McCartney, like Bar, is also a member of the tribe, since her photographer mother who passed away in 1998 is Linda McCartney, nee Eastman.

So is Nicki Minaj wearing a dress by a Jewish designer, worn by an Israeli model, to make subtle amends? Or is she parading around at it to throw a bitchy middle finger at the Yidden to say, “I can wear this thing better than Bar?” Well guess what, Minaj, it is a fashion travesty to be the second to wear something after we’ve already seen it on someone who is more of a class act that you are. That little tasseled mini-dress just doesn’t go well with  goosesteps.


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