Published On: Tue, Nov 11th, 2014

MTV Star Pushing Neo-Nazi Imagery Celebrating Violence, Sex, Illiteracy

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj, a recent recipient of MTV Europe’s Best Hip Hop award, released her video for “Only, ” a rap song describing in blunt terms what would probably bleep it entirely anywhere on American television. The thing is, while the language is basically your bitch-in-heat kind of lyrics, the imagery is all Adolf Hitler.

What is it with this culture that keeps embracing the old megabutcher’s values, both politically (Iran, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Nasrallah) and visually? Did the Nazis really capture something deep and humming inside our tortured, modern souls, and so we just keep responding to the same titillations?

And if that’s the case, where are they keeping the trains?

The Washington Post wrote on Monday: “The style is evocative of a World War II-era news bulletin, and the aesthetics seem to bear a clear resemblance to films orchestrated by Joseph Goebbels himself. In the video, Minaj is positioned as a military leader, flanked by red banners bearing a Young Money logo that’s fashioned to resemble a swastika. (Young Money is Minaj’s record label.) She is positioned as the commander of a legion of tanks and gray faceless soldiers sporting YM red-black-and-white arm bands. The color scheme was easily interpreted as a callback to propaganda posters of the Third Reich.”

Nuff said. now go, panic.

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