Published On: Sun, Aug 24th, 2014

Google X Buys Gecko Design To Develop Top Secret Projects



We all know about the regular Google; chances are, we use its search, email and other services every day. The more mysterious side to the every day Google is Google X, the part of the company that develops the “James Bond” type stuff that is top secret (except for what we hear about in the media): “smart” contact lenses, and other forms of privacy invading eyeware, a self-driving car, high-altitude balloons that could connect the entire world to the web, etc.

President of Google X, Sergey Brinn, has acquired Gecko in a deal that is as mysterious as the combined companies’ products will be (well, at least, until we all hear about them). Gecko was founded in 1996 and specializes in developing consumer electronic items, which sounds a lot less interesting than what the company probably really does. A description from the website reads: “Engineering innovation, product quality and attention to aesthetics are some of the aspects of product design that drive us.”

Jacques Gagne, President of Gecko, said, “This is an incredible opportunity for everyone at Gecko. We are very excited an honored to join Google X and work on a variety of cutting-edge products.”




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