Published On: Tue, Aug 19th, 2014

Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick Share Near Death Experience

Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick told People Magazine all about the near death experience  they shared together (never a dull moment for those reality show stars). But lest you panic, dear reader, the couple seemed in good spirits, without a hint of the PTSD symptoms that typify those who face life threatening traumas. The only sign of any possible distress was that Khloe didn’t feel she was dressed properly for the pool party in Connecticut and wasn’t sure whether or not to drink champagne. Scott, who suffered from alcohol poisoning a few months ago, stuck to his bottled water, although he offered to drink out of the pool. Either that was a joke or another symptom of post-trauma arising from their brush with death the day before.

One might think that, after having faced the abyss of mortality together, the two would feel bonded in a deeper way than ever before. But if you recall, it is Kourtney Kardashian Scott is dating and not Khloe (and I might as well mention here that Scott is a member of the tribe), so we can only guess the bond became stronger between Khloe and Scott, but only in the great Platonic tradition to avoid creating the kind of jealousy which would, of course, ruin a successful reality show, not to mention a family, with unwelcome conflict.

The pair (we won’t say couple to avoid offending Kourtney) discussed their ordeal at Foxwood’s Resort Casino’s Liquid Sundays.  On Saturday, they headed out for a water adventure; not their first, since they posted an exceedingly innocent photo on Instagram of themselves in a bathtub. Disick, with a stoic casualness that belied his inner terror said, “We fell in the bay yesterday.”


“No, you, not me, ” Kardashian corrected him. (Could confusing “I” and “we” be an unintended expression of a growing intimacy? Or another post-trauma symptom?). Scott explained that they were tubing behind a boat, to which Khloe added, “I don’t do big bodies of water (but she does do the Hamptons,  errrsorry, I mean take the Hamptons, hence the name of her new reality show, Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons). I guess if she doesn’t do big bodies of water, we won’t be seeing her at the beach.

When asked if the pair were really at death’s door, Kardashian answered, “Kind of!” Scott nodded, “Close, close, yeah.”

“We saw the videotapes, ” added Scott, “Because we were dying to see them. It was really ridiculous.”

“I was literally flying above the tube, but I would not let go of the handles.”

To avoid the intrusive effects of flashbacks, the talk turned immediately from the harrowing escape from the jaws of death to the fact that Khloe didn’t exactly feel dressed to kill; “I didn’t realize I was at the pool today, and hence my outfit. I’m very dressed up. But let’s go out with a bang. I’m a little overdressed.”



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