Published On: Wed, Jul 23rd, 2014

Bill Shatner Slamming Facebook for Forcing him to Follow George Takei

Shatner said he discovered the app when it was posted in a banner ad at the top of his Facebook account earlier this week.

Shatner George Takei

Facebook recently added three new features: a “Save” button, a “Buy” Button and the “Facebook Mentions” app, which lets users increase their interactions with their favorite celebrities. But some famous people do not like that last one, especially not William Shatner.

Captain Kirk took to Tumblr this week, to criticize the new Facebook Mentions celebrities only app for mobile devices. Under a posting entitled, “Facebook Mentions Versus Facebook Pages Apps, ” the octogenarian actor took issue with the service that is now only available to celebrity members of Facebook, such as himself.

Shatner said he discovered the app when it was posted in a banner ad at the top of his Facebook account earlier this week, and that it was customized with his icon on an iPhone. He explained that when you install the Mentions App, you cannot proceed further until you follow another one of their other celebrity accounts.

Unfortunately for him, the first person on the list he was given was George Takei, who co-starred with him on Star Trek, and with whom he has been feuding for years.

Shatner said that he literally rolled his eyes when that name came up and instead chose Robert Downey Jr. to follow,

He asked, “If this app is for celebrities then WHY force them to follow another celebrity in order to set up this app? I think that is a flaw; I’m already following those who I want to follow – why insist I follow that short list of others?”

His Tumblr posting then gave a series of pics of the different stages that he had to endure to sign up for “Facebook Mentions” along with detailed accounts of each one. Of the last stage he wrote, “The Fifth and final section of each app [Pages’ Feed and Mentions’ Photos, Events and Settings] seems like they are afterthoughts – where can we put these items.”

He concluded saying, I’m not quite sure why Facebook released this app for “celebrities”. It seems to be ill conceived. I will probably use it to post to my Facebook when I’m on my phone but it doesn’t allow for mail or groups. I will continue to use my regular Facebook App as well as the Pages app.”

William “Wolf” Shatner was born in Montreal and his grandparents were all European Jewish immigrants to Canada.

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