Published On: Wed, Jul 16th, 2014

New Book: Bill Clinton Told Jewish Joke But Jewish Republicans Were Not Amused

Daniel Halper spent more than a year working on a book about the Clintons, set for release later this month.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton’s political instincts did not serve him right sometimes go haywire — like when he told a questionable Jewish joke to a group of stunned Jewish Republicans, according to The Weekly Standard online editor Daniel Halper’s soon to be published “Clinton, Inc.”

Halper spent more than a year working on the book about the Clintons.

In one of the chapters of “Clinton, Inc., ” Halper claims that former president Clinton told the joke at the 2003 Preakness Stakes in Baltimore: Two Jews are walking by a church that’s offering $100 to people who convert.

“Surely the former president of the United States is not about to tell an anti-Semitic story . . . This, of course, is exactly what he does, ” goes Halper’s narrative.

Abe, one of the Jews, takes the cash and promises to give half to his pal.

“Hey! Look at the new Catholic here, ” Abe’s friend says. “You got my money?”

The recently converted Abe responds: “You f–king Jews. It’s all about the money, isn’t it?”

The joke fell flat, Halper reports.

Grove summarizes the new book: Bill Clinton comes off as “selfish and coldly calculating.” Hillary is “warm and caring, albeit charmingly transactional for political gain, particularly with her Republican colleagues in the Senate.” Chelsea is “the entitled beneficiary of both her parents’ feelings of guilt over the weirdness of her upbringing.”

And they all tell Jewish jokes all day.

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