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Harvey Weinstein and Warner Brothers reach a reasonable compromise over the “Butler.”

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Even in the ego driven movie industry world, it appears that common sense can sometimes prevail. And with the news that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has come up with a suitable solution to end the deadlock between these two heavyweights, it’s now all systems  go to see what promises to be a movie classic, hit the screens, and on schedule, by the end of August.

There has been a surplus of estrogen flying around Hollywood during the last few weeks as the ongoing dispute between Harvey Weinstein and Warner Brothers over the use of the film title “The Butler seem to be far away from reaching a conclusion that would see both parties climb down from their various branches with their honor intact.

Now thanks to some really innovative thinking by the MPAA, despite the fact that Weinstein will not be allowed to use his preferred title “The Butler’ which was the name of short, black and white and totally unheard of film that Warner’s released almost 100 years ago, the film will now be released as Lee Daniels’- ‘The Butler, ’ with the honors going to Lee Daniels, the film’s producer.

And to make sure that no one pulls the wool over anyone’s eyes, the MPAA has gone on to stipulate that the letters in “Lee Daniels” must be at least 75 percent of the dimensions of “The Butler.”

Harvey Weinstein reportedly accepted the MPAA in good grace, having fought a hard and often public battle to make sure that his production will hit the screens in a respectable format. In fact, many Hollywood pundits predict that the publicity around the dispute may even bring more movie lovers to the theaters.

Throughout the dispute Weinstein has added even more intrigue by insinuating that Warner Brothers executives were hiding behind this particular episode in order to prevent him from drawing on the royalties he is entitled to for being involved in the production of “The Hobbit, ” a three-part franchise that Warner Brothers are due to release towards the end of the year.

Warner Brothers have consistently denied Weinstein’s assertion and in return claimed that Weinstein was guilty of continually flouting title registry protocols.

The compromise decision came after Weinstein had mounted and appeal, against the MPAA’s ruling against him earlier in the month. When announcing their decision, the MPAA also imposed fines amounting to a total of $400, 000 on Weinstein as well as $150, 000 to Warner Brothers, payable to the Entertainment Industry Foundation. Weinstein was also ordered to withdraw all trailers and advertisements promoting “The Butler”.

In a statement after the results of his appeal became known, Weinstein revealed that he was “thrilled this has all come to an end.”

Lee Daniels’ ‘The Butler starring Forest Whitaker and Ophra Winfrey tells the story of a White House butler whose service spanned more than three decades of U.S. presidents. It will be released as scheduled on the 16th of August.


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