Published On: Sun, Jul 7th, 2013

Top 9 Chinese Industries of Interest to Israeli Companies / New series (1)

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In a previous article on trade with China, I stated that many Israeli companies could have strong potential in the Chinese market. Over the next several days I will provide snap-shots of some of the most rapidly growing industry groups in China, which I believe could be targeted by Israeli businesses :




China has abundant agriculture resources, with fertile land and industrious farmers, but average farming productivity is quite low. In contrast with the developed countries, China still has a relatively high agricultural workforce as a proportion of its labour force. 49% of Chinese working population (800 million in total) are still engaged in agricultural production,  comparing with Israel’s 3.7%, Germany’s 10% and America’s 15%.

Chinese agriculture has been always dominated by family farms relying on traditional farming methods, and is only slowly moving to modern agricultural technology and management.

According to the latest 12th Five-Year Plan (FYP) released by Chinese central government, the government will bolster Chinese investments in agriculture mechanization and modernization and technology. As well it will introduce mature agriculture techniques and managerial experience from other countries, such as crop planting and yield increasing techniques, breeding and cultivating techniques, irrigation, hybridization, milking and animal husbandry methods. Israel enjoys consolidated a competitive edge in many of those areas; hence, China should be a suitable and very large market for Israeli agricultural technology companies.




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- Benjamin Peng is a global business advisor and consultant, based in Shanghai. He is the founder of Chinabridge International Business Consultancy. Mr. Peng has been monitoring closely the Israel-China business relationship.

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