Azerbaijan wants more Israeli made Unmanned air systems

Aerostar,    Aeronautics

Aerostar, Aeronautics

Azerbaijan wants more Israeli made Unmanned air systemsAn Israeli source confirmed that talks have resumed during the Paris air show.  The source also said that Aeronautics , the Israeli Unmanned air systems (UAS) manufacturer is delivering its Aerostar UAS to Azerbaijan according to the contract

“The company plans to perform future contracts using the local faculty “Azad systems” that was established in 2011. The government of Azerbaijan is a partner.

Officials from Azerbaijan met with some Israeli companies that are present in Paris and they “showed great interest not only in UAS ” according to the source.

The contracts that have been signed so far with Azerbaijan included artillery systems, communications equipment, and UAS of different types including the Aerostar and Orbiter developed by Aeronautics.

The Israeli sources assessed that in the coming months negotiations will continue and will include the purchase of systems to be deployed for Homeland Security on top of military systems.



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