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By Jewish Business News On Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

BrainStorm to Promote NurOwn ALS Treatment In Spite of Failures

Israel’s BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics suffered a major setback last week after poor results from clinical trials caused mare than a 70% drop in its stock price. But that is not stopping BrainStorm from moving More...

By Jewish Business News Service On Sunday, November 22nd, 2020

Tel Aviv University Researchers Have Made another Breakthrough in brain and ovarian cancer

Israeli scientists have made yet another breakthrough in the treatment for cancer. This time it is TAU which developed a system that utilizes genome editing for the care of brain and ovarian cancer patients. Researchers More...

By Yael Ella On Saturday, November 21st, 2020

The Human Brain Has astonishing Similarities to the Entire Universe, Study

 Italian astrophysicist and neurosurgeon came up with a surprising claim: The structures of the neuronal networks of the human brain are amazingly similar to the cosmic network of galaxies in the observable More...

By Jewish Business News On Monday, November 16th, 2020

Does The Brain Have a Volume Control Which Affects Learning and Memory?

Researchers from Dartmouth University may have isolated a part of the brain which they describe as a “molecular volume knob.” This “knob”’ regulates electrical signals in the brain which help with More...

By Jewish Business News Service On Monday, November 9th, 2020

Coronavirus Isolation Affects the Brain, Hebrew University Researchers Say

We all know that the Coronavirus has caused not just economic problems around the world, but also psychological ones. People everywhere are under a great deal of stress due to fear of getting sick or seeing More...

By Jewish Business News On Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

Israeli-Scottish Breakthrough Stops Leukemia Spreading to the Brain

A research group from Israel and Scotland reported a breakthrough that may influence the treatment of metastatic leukemia spreading to the brain. The research reported in Nature Cancer includes hematological-oncological More...

By Gil Tanenbaum On Sunday, October 25th, 2020

i-BrainTech Uses Brain Brain Training Technology to Improve Athletes’ Performance

i-BrainTech Device Israeli startup i-BrainTech is providing athletes with a method to improve their performances while also treating brain injuries. It does so by using its AI-powered brain-training solution which More...

By Shai Genish On Sunday, October 18th, 2020

Israeli Groundbreaking Development Allows Cannabis to be Transferred Directly to the Brain

Technology developed at the Technion enabled the Israeli cannabis-based pharmaceutical company Nextage to completed a development that allows the transfer of cannabis molecules directly into the brain.  The molecules More...

By Jewish Business News On Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Unexplained Repeated Pregnancy Loss is Associated with Brain Responses to Men’s Body-Odor

Women who suffer from a condition known as unexplained repeated pregnancy loss (uRPL) process messages concerning male body odor – especially their husband’s – in a different way than other women. These More...

By Yael Ella On Tuesday, August 25th, 2020

Brainsway Receives FDA Clearance for Magnetic Stimulation System for Smoking Cessation

The dual company Brainsway reports a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of its non-invasive treatment of brain disorders, to be used as a short-term smoking cessation tool for adults with smoking More...

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