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6 Important Tips to Note When Caring for Elderly

credit Georg Arthur Pflueger/Unsplash

As your parents begin to age, they need special attention and care. Whether it is their health, comfort, or social life, you need to ensure that you are there for them. Paying attention to their little needs and demands is enough to make them feel cared for. 

Your parents have probably done so much for you. It’s time you return the favor by caring for them and making them feel loved. Here are the top six tips to note when caring for the elderly. 

Keep a check on their wellbeing 

Caring for your elderly parents starts with checking on their health and wellbeing. Your parents may fall prey to illnesses such as chronic pain, diabetes, arthritis, dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. All these conditions require check ups and monitoring. 

Take your parents to regular health check-ups and monitor their condition. Keep an eye on their medication and whether they are taking them on time or not. Assess their health from time to time to ensure that they are keeping well. 

Maintain their comfort

For your elderly parents, comfort is essential. From cooking their favorite meals to making their bed to keeping them entertained with their favorite shows and movies, make sure that they feel comfortable in their daily life. 

For instance, you can buy recliners for the elderly to sit comfortably while they enjoy the activities like watching TV or reading a book or simply idling in their room. Provide them easy meals to eat because seniors are often at a higher risk of malnutrition. Ensure that they eat enough everyday and also keep a check on their water intake. 

Look for a caregiver 

Whenever you are not around to care for your parents, a caregiver provides the required assistance. The popularity of caregivers is increasing manifold. You can also hire a caregiver for your parents to help them with daily chores and activities. 

Hiring a caregiver becomes a necessity if you live away from your parents and cannot visit them regularly. In these cases, a caregiver helps them with meal planning and preparation, household chores, running errands, and other tasks. 

Keep them active and engaged

Some people believe that the elderly require a lot of rest to stay fit and healthy. But it is not true. Keeping your elderly parents active and engaged is one of the best ways to keep them fit and uplift their mood. 

For example, you can take your parents for a walk every morning or evening or plan a fun activity with them and your children to make them feel engaged and entertained. Keeping your parents socially active is a stress-buster for them. 

Make your home accessible and safe 

A slip, fall, or injury often becomes detrimental to your parents’ health. They may fall and injure themselves while walking or doing regular chores. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to their safety and accessibility. 

You can consider structural modifications in your home. Shift your parents’ bedroom from the first floor to the ground floor to make it easily accessible. Keep the house clean, organized, and manageable for them. 

Provide for a safe transportation 

Providing your parents access to a safer means of transportation is also essential. When you choose a caregiver, ask them if they are good drivers. It will give you peace of mind.

If you do not have a car, get in touch with senior transportation services. These services offer pick-up and drop services to the elderly wherever they want. 


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We hope that the above-listed tips come to your rescue if you are struggling to find ways to keep your parents happy, healthy, and comfortable. 



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