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How to Fix your Business Challenges

by Contributing Author

When we embark on the journey of entrepreneurship, we have to grow a thick skin against upcoming challenges and expect several lifestyle hardships, including working alone, being in top shape at all times, nobody can solve our problems but we have to figure out and find solutions to our unique difficulties. Our drive paves us the learning path that we much desired, feeling like we can achieve more. Only by effectively solving our challenges can we rise beyond them and master our business. Here is a collection of quick fixes to help you shoot for the stars: 

Inconsistent, fluctuating finances 

People are key in life and your business. Strive to share your earnings with those who helped you make them, and never earn money through unjust means. Keep in mind, the sum you are giving to others is not as important as your intention to share any amount you have earned, even if it’s a small amount. Invest your money in the right processes and people. 

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Capital investments and assets quickly depreciate 

Computers, equipment, and company vehicles quickly lose value, can become faulty or outdated. Plan your investments carefully, ask for professional advice, and only buy tools that guarantee a long-term return. Observe all the possible scenarios of your future business; include a plan to deal with your assets, anything comes up. You are losing authenticity 

As people make your business strive first and foremost, you cannot allow yourself to be impatient, arrogant, or condescending with them. Admit to yourself if you aren’t good with people and work on it! Your business success can depend on it. If your employees don’t feel rewarded for their work, and you don’t show appreciation in your words or compensation, chances are they are going to move on as soon as they can to where they get these things. Always listen to people, no matter how busy you are, or how much you don’t want to. Empathy is the key to success in everything!

Comparing your firm with others

Instead of comparing and focusing on the success of your business peers, bring out the best of your company; channel your smart, creative and unique talents into your work. Do not let your passion fade, no matter the circumstances! Always get up from each challenge, find the root of your problems, and work on overcoming them. Stop comparing yourself to others, each life is a unique learning path. Accept that some people are ahead of you, while others aren’t. 

Sharing your ideas and partnering with others 

You need to be very cautious of these!! When sharing your business ideas with others before completion, others can discourage you or use your plans for their gains. It happens because some overly ambitious people don’t shy away from utilizing your great ideas. We can be different like that. Take a realistic approach, and consider how often business individuals have been put out from their own companies by their hungry partners. Think of Steve Jobs. The second you are too naive, others can take advantage of you in business. Study everyone in business before opening up, and watch out for the sharks!

Photo by Windows on Unsplash

You cannot enjoy the fruits of your hard work

Learn to appreciate the fruits of your hard work! Take enough time out to rest and start the new day afresh and energized with great ideas and the power to accomplish your goals. Be content with the amount of work you can complete happily, avoid regular overtime that sabotages your wellbeing. Just enjoy what you have and how far you have already come! Work on feeling good every day if necessary, avoid becoming a workaholic, even if there’s too much to do. Be willing to delegate tasks! Remember, overstressing and losing sleep regularly over your business wasn’t among the things you wanted when you started. Find out what best works for you to avoid these!!

Regular arguments between the management and employees 

Never directly engage in negativity and useless gossip around you, but be aware of them, and how they affect your company! This kind of talk isn’t always genuine and can lack the truth factor. Employees can have bad days, personal fallouts, and even bad intentions that can lead to great mayhem within the firm. Why do you think that happens in your presence? And is it a good idea to call them into your office asking them to stop fighting like young children do? 

It happens in front of you because it is already present in your conscience. When you fix your thinking, life, and business, the negative mirror images as projections of your inner world are also going to fade. The same applies to your business partners or anyone you fall out with within your life!

Not communicating effectively

Be assertive, but also respectful, gentle, and patient at all times! Don’t underestimate the power of listening! Be willing to hear others, not just your own thoughts and voice… You have to develop your skill of listening deeply to others, and caring about their thoughts and feelings, as this will enormously benefit your business success. Nothing can add more value to your fruitful collaboration than having a coffee or lunch break with your employees, listening to their needs, and exchanging opinions for the advancement of your work and future together.

Becoming arrogant

You can become too self-indulgent, overbearing and stop being humble because of the power and the millions you have gained. When this happens you misunderstood life’s key concept. It is by serving others that you will gain true freedom and happiness. It is what we all came here for. Remember the reason why you want to smile on your deathbed; don’t lose focus on the things that help everyone!! You can pat yourself on the back when you achieve something great, having in mind others’ happiness. 

Hardships at making decisions 

When you often second-guess your decision, it’s hindering your faith in yourself, and the successful future of your company. You don’t want this feeling to get the best of you! This can be quite challenging due to the information flow, and trust issues of our current world, but the key is to stay authentic to yourself, your people, and your business, and maintain a high degree of integrity. Never fail to train and stretch the muscles of your mind and body! This way both your brain and decision-making ability stay sharp, focused, and effective. 

Not prioritizing effectively

Your time as a successful entrepreneur is your greatest asset. You can save time everywhere! Constantly think of time-saving ideas… Plan your schedule well ahead, include a to-do and a not-to-do list as well, with careful consideration of important things you cannot complete on the day! Schedule those at a time when you are sure you are in your best form. Use simplified, clear structures in all you do! Learn new techniques to become faster and more simple in all you do.  

Not listening to your gut feelings

Your intuition is your inbuilt compass signaling the right direction to take and warn you of possible defects in business and everyday life; always listen to it, no matter how painful it is. You can lose out on a great deal, or have insurmountable obstacles arise if you avoid your inner voice!

You want to purchase another company but don’t have the means

Give and give to others; don’t be cheap in your personal and business life! Always strive for win-win situations; by maintaining a truly generous approach, and focusing on the creative, flowing state of mind instead of the amount of money is when everyone prospers. One of the greatest business persons, a scientist, and statesman of American history, Ben Franklin’s response to the competition was to invite all his competitors to find ways to work together, expand markets, and make every participant richer in a then-new society, Chamber of Commerce.

You aren’t willing to take bigger risks

Be willing to take risks if you want to make larger profits. Start small, and increase the number of your investments gradually. If you want to become wealthy, this is the best thing you can do. If it doesn’t feel like your thing though, don’t try to force it. It can easily backfire on your business!

External business problems

Things you cannot control, like bad weather, natural disasters, problems related to infrastructure, and power shortages. Even though the human ego rebels against external forces, like the weather or traffic mirroring our inside world, it couldn’t be more true according to ancient knowledge. The solution is to keep your promises, especially commitments you decided to keep regarding your business and private life!

Useful advice For Small Business Owners, when you feel overwhelmed by the service you provide

When you put more energy into your business than you should, it can feel a bit off. You can feel out of balance, and a need for adjustment. For instance, you can have great coaching and healing abilities serving as a language teacher, not sparing energy uplifting others. People love sharing their everyday problems with you. But you are aware that your niche as a one-on-one or small group teacher-entrepreneur doesn’t go beyond a certain hourly rate, even if you feel like your service goes beyond teaching. Keep the clients that are willing to reward you for your empathy. Specialize and push further to master your unique gifts to serve others in a way that feels better to you.


Envision your business achievements before you actualize them and have fun doing so. Don’t get discouraged if you are behind others, believe that you can rise to them! If you don’t settle, life will richly compensate, when you are ready. You will know you are ready when your intentions serve the big picture, and your mind, heart, public image, and health are all aligned. 

It is a state worth pushing for, no matter if you are only thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, or you already have some years of experience. You can always become more, and it is the best way to learn about yourself and your limits. When you eat with it, sleep with it, and breathe it, your success is inevitable… Good luck!

Checkmate Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash



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