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What Can You Do After Retirement?

by Contributing Author

Whether you’ve been counting down the years, months, and days until retirement, or you want to put it off for as long as possible, chances are you have thought at least a little bit about what you will do during that time. Things have changed since the days of your parents’ and grandparents’ retirement. People are living longer, more active lives. There are many rewarding options for you even if you don’t have much money saved up. Keep reading for tips on how to make the most of these years.

Figure Out Your Finances

Having a precise knowledge of your financial situation will be important in figuring out what you can realistically do. This means looking at how much you have in your retirement account as well as what your Social Security payments will be. In addition, see if you have any investments or assets that you would like to sell. For example, the life settlement industry is carving out a sizable niche within the life insurance industry, and you can review a guide on senior life settlements. This is a way of selling your policy that can give you a substantial amount of money to put toward your retirement. You might also want to consider whether you want to stay where you are currently living or sell your home and move somewhere cheaper.

Keep Working

You don’t have to retire, and many people don’t. You don’t have to scale down the kind of work you do either if you don’t want to. After all, people can demonstrably become president in their 70s. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you stay in your same position. Maybe you want to start a business. Perhaps you want to move into a different line of work. You may also decide to keep working part-time because you’d like to supplement your income. Even if you leave the career you’ve had for years, you can still do something else if you prefer to remain in the workforce.

Go to School

Some retired people take this time to pursue a degree they never had the time or money to get when they were younger. Others may already have a college degree, but this time around, they are pursuing their passion instead of something practical. You can also take classes even if you aren’t seeking a degree. Some schools offer reduced or even free tuition for seniors, so find out if there are any benefits like this at colleges in your area.


Retirement can also be a great time to travel. This travel will essentially look exactly the way you want it to, which means anything from luxury travel to checking out the most wanted Airbnb’s, or going on package deals with other seniors or traveling independently. Some retired people enjoy spending a good portion of the year traveling in an RV and seeing the country. Some seniors take traveling a step further and move to other countries where they can live for less money. Mexico and Portugal are just a couple of the places that have a growing community of retired American expatriates.

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