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Here’s how esports teams make money

by Contributing Author

Esports is probably among the hottest talks of the town because of the popular esports games, players, and leagues. Popular games played in competitions are League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

With the continuous popularity of esports, have you ever wondered how organizations and professional gamers earn money? It can be through ticket sales, merchandising, media rights, donations, subscriptions, sponsorship and advertisements, and winning prizes.

Ticket sales

Similar to other sports, esports teams and organizations earn money from ticket sales. With the attendance size of 10 to 15 thousand people in every live event or tournament, there is no doubt that huge money can be collected. There is also such a thing as esports betting with Bitcoins where spectators can wager on their favourite team or player through online sportsbooks sites which also generates profit.


Esports teams often sell merchandise such as shirts, hats, and even mousepads. In fact, popular esports teams sell hoodies and jerseys on their site. What makes esports merchandising different is that you can purchase in-game skins to show support. In-game skins can upgrade or change the appearance of characters or weapons. A player gets a small portion every time you buy in-game skins.

Media rights

The majority of esports viewers watch events online. With this, media or streaming companies have to pay for broadcasting rights to legally air the tournament. Most esports organizations also signed contracts with online streaming platforms. Major tournaments of popular esports such as League of Legends have network deals for fans to watch the game online.


Streaming platforms like Twitch allows streamers and organizations to make money from donations. Fans can send money as low as two dollars and can even reach up to thousands of dollars depending on the channel’s popularity.


The streamers can also earn money based on subscriptions. This is why a lot of esports players market their channels with every chance they get. Based on data released, a subscription might cost at least five dollars a month. So, if you have a huge number of subscribers, you are also earning thousands of dollars every month.

Sponsorships and advertisements

Organizations sign deals with sponsors to fund their teams. This includes the gaming equipment and the team’s uniform. This is why you often see logos of Monster Energy, Honda, and Red Bull on the player’s jerseys. It also comes off as a form of advertising for the sponsors.

The other way for the players to advertise products and services is through discount codes. For instance, a streamer will mention a product in their video together with the promo code. In return, the streamer will receive a cut of the purchase.  

Winning prizes

It might be difficult to believe but esports has huge prize pools that can reach up to millions of dollars per league. This is one of the reasons why many gamers also play in major esports leagues. Even if you are five in the team with a winning prize of $2 million, you still have a lot of bucks to keep.

Aside from watching how the pro players defeat their opponents, level up your watching experience with esports betting with Bitcoins. Who knows? You might also win a huge amount of money.

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