Intel Introduces Israel Developed RealSense ID Facial Recognition System

This is like something out of Star Trek.

Intel RealSense ID processes all facial images locally and encrypts all user data. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

The new Intel RealSense ID is a new type of facial recognition technology which was developed in Israel. The company describes RealSense ID as an on-device solution that combines an active depth sensor with a specialized neural network designed to deliver “secure, accurate and user-aware facial authentication.” This new tech can be used with smart locks, access control, point-of-sale, ATMs, kiosks and more.

Are you worried about identity theft? Do you want a fool proof system to prevent someone from stealing your car or breaking into your home? Are you tired of every website and app requiring that you make up a new password with even more and more varied characters?

We have long seen voice recognition tech used in movies. But voices can be recorded or copied. In Star Trek II Captain Kirk used a retina scan of his eye to prove his identity in order to view top secret information. But full facial recognition tech might be even better than a retina scan.

For example, you can use your own face to lock your smart phone and tablet. You could also use it for opening all of those apps which require password protection too. In this way you won’t need to remember countless different passwords.

Intel says that RealSense ID can authenticate a person’s identity in less than a second. The company also boasts that this tech has a false acceptance rate of less than one in a million. On-device encrypted transactions will be able to utilize its embedded Secure Element and the tech is swift acting, taking only a few seconds “to enroll and you are always in control.”

“Intel RealSense ID combines purpose-built hardware and software with a dedicated neural network designed to deliver a secure facial authentication platform that users can trust,” said Sagi Ben Moshe, Intel corporate vice president and general manager of Emerging Growth and Incubation.

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