Israel’s Crispify Has Tech That Can Detect Coronavirus in Your Car

Crispify’s system checks the air for viruses and is already used by AVIS.

Adam Feldman CEO Crispify

Crispify is an Israeli startup which has developed tech to check a car for signs of the Coronavirus. And the startup’s air quality monitoring system can also be used for other types of airborne virus and bacteria.

So how does it work?

Founded in 2018 by Adam Feldman, Crispify offers a patent pending system for “all-in-one air quality management” which it says monitors all factors of a ride, including in-cabin and outdoor air quality, pollutants, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. Its cloud based big data analytics combine in-cabin and environmental data and use AI to find the “best solution for cleaner air, whatever the circumstances.”

The company boasts that its solution is designed to be easily implemented in any HVAC instrument panel or infotainment system such as Android Auto, Apple CarPlay or any other proprietary operating system, while also offering mobile monitoring app for IOS and Android.

It is intended to offer car manufacturers, fleet operators, ride-sharing services and future autonomous vehicle transportation the healthiest ride possible. Crispify boasts that it has the power to transform any climate control system in to a state-of-the-art fully automated smart air filtration solution. Thus, enabling drivers and passengers an exceptional user experience in terms of wellness, comfort and safety.

As for Covid-19, Crispify points out that studies have shown that the interior of a vehicle is a highly polluted environment with poor air quality including the presence of Particulate Matters, Volatile Organic Compounds, Nitrogen Dioxide and more.

This has to do with the emissions from surrounding vehicles. Many pollutants get inside your car with or without the windows open. Every time you use the heat or air conditioning your car sucks in air from the outside.

Levels of some pollutants and toxic compounds can be up to 10 times higher inside a car than outside of it.

American rental car companies Avis and Zipcar are already clients.

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