Published On: Tue, Dec 29th, 2020

Donald Trump Named “Most Admired Man” Just As He Sees First Veto Overridden

The President managed to unseat his predecessor Barack Obama.

President Trump may have lost the Presidency and may soon see his veto overridden for the first time, but he did receive a consolation prize: A Gallup poll rated the President the most popular man in America. This, the first time Donald led the list, is even sweeter for him since he won out over the man who held the top spot for the last twelve years, Barack Obama. And the world knows what he thinks of President Obama.

The two men actually tied for the top spot last year. So this is the first time that President Trump does not need to share the honor. He was named by 18% of the respondents as opposed to just 15% for President Obama.

Maybe President Trump will use this as another example of how it is impossible that he could have lost the last election. Then again, he did win the Presidency in 2016 while losing the popular vote by about 3 million.

And according to Gallup, he may have won this time because Mr. Trump was selected by 48% of Republicans surveyed, with no other public figure receiving more than 2% of Republicans’ votes. Democrats, however, split their votes among many. This might have happened because Republicans wanted to send a message after the President lost his bid for reelection.

Gallup also found only 39% of people gave the President a positive approval rating.

Presidents usually get rated the most Admired man in America. According to Gallup, in the 74 times it has asked the open-ended most admired man question since 1946, the incumbent president has topped the list 60 times. Three of the fourteen times that it was not the President happened when Mr. Trump was in office.

President ElectJoe Biden trailed badly coming in third with just 6% And Dr. Anthony Fauci was forth with 3%. They were followed by Pope Francis, Elon Musk, Bernie Sanders, Bill Gates, NBA star LeBron James, and the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists.

Maybe the good news will help calm the President down a bit. He is currently fuming over having the Congress override his veto of a defense spending bill. It takes two thirds of the members in each house of the Congress to override a Presidential veto.

The passage of the override in the House of Representatives means that a significant number of Republicans joined with the Democratic majority there. The Senate is said to also have enough votes to override. And there such a vote could only be held with the support of the Republican majority.

Referring to his party’s leaders in the Congress as weak and tired the President said, “Republican leadership only wants the path of least resistance. Our leaders (not me, of course!) are pathetic.”

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