Published On: Sat, Dec 12th, 2020

Japanese Libraries Add UV Light Book Sterilization Machines for Covid-19

If you take books out of a Japanese library Covid-19 might not be a problem.

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Covid-19 has wrecked havoc on the world, both financially and socially. One type of place hit especially hard are libraries because they cannot be sure if the books returned do not have any Corona Virus remnants left on their pages. But now Japanese libraries are using an ultra violet light solution.

Most libraries around the world, when they reopened, implemented quarantine policies on returned books. To be safe they waited at least three days before putting returned books back on the shelves. And the librarians still need to be concerned about touching the books themselves. While patrons must be concerned about all of the people who had come and gone and touched books which they did not take out.


Now The Japan Times reports on how Japan’s libraries have a better way to both get books back into circulation faster and to allay people’s concerns about touching the books on the shelves. They are putting a machine that sterilizes books using ultraviolet light at the take out desks. The device only takes 30 seconds to work, and it also cleans books of dust.

Remember when President Trump suggested that the U.S. Government should look into using UV light to sterilize the inside of people’s bodies from the Corona Virus? Well in the real world such tech could some day be used to sterilize all surfaces and objects which would have greatly reduced the spread of Covid-19 if we had already had it.

Eriko Isozaki, who comes to the library weekly to borrow children’s books, told Reuters that her children were amused by the device.“I’m not sure how effective this is, but I think it’s better than nothing,” she said.

77-year-old Yasuhito Kobayashi said, “I feel relieved because it sterilizes the books… but I’m not sure if it’s actually effective.”

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