Published On: Fri, Dec 11th, 2020

Senator Dianne Feinstein May Have Dementia

Dianne Feinstein angered fellow Senate Democrats recently.

Dianne Feinstein vs Jeff Sessions

Dianne Feinsten, California’s senior Senator, may be suffering from dementia. Reports mount about how the 87 year old is having short term memory problems and showing other symptoms which have simply been attributed to old age.

The New Yorker has reported on how Dianne Feinstein, the U.S. Senate’s oldest member, is showing signs of her age. It cited anonymous sources close to the Senator as acknowledging that she is “seriously struggling” and that this has been evident for several years. These sources also admitted that her

short-term memory has grown so poor that “she often forgets she has been briefed on a topic, accusing her staff of failing to do so just after they have.” They describe Feinstein as forgetting what she has said and getting upset when she can’t keep up.

The New Yorker also cited other sources as saying that Dianne Feinstein’s colleagues are well aware of the problem and that they have personally seen the Senator “steered” by her staffers to get through meetings.

But Dianne Feinstein’s supporters cite the examples of the late South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond who served into his 90’s and of the 78 year old Republican Senate Majority leader’s own health issues in her defense. They say that being forgetful sometimes and having age problems are not things that prevent Dianne Feinstein from doing her job.

But a review of this mornings news shows in America showed many people, Democrats and Republicans alike, calling Dianne Feinstein’s future into question. They seemed to have been bothered that she even chose to seek a fifth full term at the age of 85. She will be 91 one her current term ends.

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