Published On: Fri, Dec 11th, 2020

New Hanukkah Game Hanukkah Goblins

Hanukkah Goblins is sort of a crowdfunding campaign and charitable fundraiser in one.

Hanukkah Goblins

Hanukkah Goblins,a new tabletop role-playing game, offers people an old fashioned type of board game in the age of online video games. The Hanukkah game comes as a digital file which can be printed out.

It was designed by indie game designer Max Fefer. a Jewish queer tabletop roleplaying game designer based in Oakland, California that focuses on lyrical and GM-less style games. Max’s credits include the newly released Hanukkah Goblins and working on the upcoming Unbreakable RPG project and Mnemonic RPG.

The digital game costs $8. But you can also get hard copies for $18.

The release of Hanukkah Goblins is sort of a crowdfunding campaign and charitable fundraiser in one.

In light of current events and in the spirit of the Jewish tradition of “Gmilut Hasidim” (basically doing good deeds and being charitable) Max Fefer has turned the roll out of his new game into a charitable fundraiser. A portion of the proceeds will go to the People’s Breakfast Oakland,which serves the homeless community with essential resources. If the amount raised exceeds $1,000 he will switch donations to Urban Tilth, which hires and trains local residents to cultivate agriculture and help their community build a more sustainable, healthy, and just food system.

So if you buy the new game you not only get to have Hanukkah fun, you also support local California Bay Area charities.
So how is the game played?

You are a Hanukkah goblin. After the Goblin King destroyed the temple, you and the other Hanukkah goblins were left without a home. Although you originally didn’t believe in Hanukkah, Hershel taught you the values of Hanukkah: community, survival, and celebrating the small miracles in life. With Hershel’s trials, you now embrace Hanukkah and the Jewish culture.

Your goal now is to convince the other Hanukkah goblins in the neighboring towns to embrace the spirit of Hanukkah. You won’t be doing this alone though! You will work together with your goblin friends and have special items. On your adventure, you will meet townsfolk and other goblins. It is your job to spread as much Hanukkah cheer as you can before the end of Hanukkah.

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