Israel’s CAJA Robotics Makes Warehouse Management Easier

Startup CAJA Robotics takes in $12 million.

CAJA Robotics at Work (Company Pic)

Caja Robotics is an Israeli startup which develops and installs unique robots and software for warehouse logistics. The company just brought in $12 million in a funding round led by New Era Capital Partners.

Caja Robotics describes itself as a goods-to-person (G2P) solution for unit picking that increases order picking efficiency and storage capacity of warehouses, whilst improving the work environment of warehouse employees. Caja boasts that it ca achieve this without large investments in warehouse infrastructure, as the robotic system adapts to the warehouse and not vice versa, by using existing infrastructure like shelving, boxes, flooring.

There was an episode of the Original Twilight Zone where factory workers were all laid off and replaced by robots. That was 60 years ago. Are we looking at a future where every part of production and agriculture will be fully automated? If so, what will people do for jobs?

Caja was founded in 2014, with the vision to lead the transition to automated warehouses with smart systems and flexible robotics that pick-up order efficiency, lift storage capacity and optimize employees’ workplaces. Our team of visionary software and robotics experts at Caja is continuously striving to elevate warehouse operations through robotic fulfillment.

Most recently, Caja Robotics was selected to upgrade a logistics center operated by Sela Logistics.

Sela Logistics Ltd. is a leading supplier of general logistics solutions. The company provides its clients with a full range of services and owns seven logistics centers spanning an overall area of over 1.2 million square feet. Its clients include: Nike, Adidas, Levi’s, Diesel, Hugo Boss, and more.

Caja’s robotic solution was selected by Sela Logistics to be implemented within a multi-staged automation process at its logistics centers. In the initial stage, a fleet of dozens of robots will be incorporated, while at later stages operations will be expanded to include additional Sela Logistics activities. Caja Robotics will soon begin supplying the logistics center with a solution that includes two types of robots combined with unique software developed by Caja. Similar Caja robots and systems are already completely operational, inter alia, at the logistics center of Bergen Logistics in New Jersey, which manages products designated for online operations from dozens of leading labels, providing daily solutions for thousands of orders from the New York metropolitan area.

“Over the past few years the field of logistics has experienced major growth, due to the ever-increasing participation of new populations in the world of online purchases. This process has led companies that manage the chain of supply to search constantly for solutions that support their suitability to this new, developing world,” said Dr. Ilan Cohen, CEO of Caja Robotics.

“We are pleased that a leading company in the field has chosen to substantially integrate automatization and robotics processes, and we view them as strategic partners. It is already clear that as the years go by, giant warehouses and logistic centers will not be able to rely solely on logistics workers, and there will be a need to integrate robots and smart systems in logistic processes. We anticipate that the recent increase in logistic activities will boost interest in the products the company develops.”

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