Israel’s Glassbox Acquires British SessionCam


Glassbox, an Israeli company that provides digital analytics for web and mobile applications, has bought its British competitor SessionCam. Score one more for Startup Nation.

Startup Nation strikes again. Israeli startups growing to buy European startups. Soon maybe we will see an Israeli company buy out Microsoft.

Glassbox says that its mission is to help Enterprises prepare for the digital unknown. This is done via the first analytics platform to automatically record, index and analyze 100% of digital interactions.

The company boasts that no other provider delivers its “breadth of protection.”

“Since our beginnings in ‘The Start-up Nation’, we have become a global company, headquartered in London with offices in New York City and near Tel-Aviv. We’ve also partnered with many business partners to fuel our global ambitions. But despite our growth and success, we still stand by our original goal – to provide automatic insights to help businesses cope with the digital unknown.”

“Our acquisition of SessionCam advances our mission to provide greater insight and value into how companies engage with their customers online by creating frictionless digital journeys,” said Yaron Morgenstern, CEO of Glassbox. “We found a true partner and shared set of values with SessionCam, and we are excited to welcome such a hardworking and talented team that has worked for a decade to improve the digital experience of millions of people across the world.”

“Glassbox stands at the forefront of the industry at a time when digital acceleration is in full throttle,” said Kevin Goodings, CEO of SessionCam. “We look forward to continuing our work to bring existing and new customers greater value than ever before.”


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