Published On: Thu, Feb 20th, 2020

Larry Tesler who invented ‘cut & paste’, dies at 74

What Steve Jobs saw Tesler and colleagues developing at Xerox researcher center PARC, are the reason Apple produced the Lisa and the Mac.

Larry Tesler / Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Larry Tesler, a computer scientist, and mathematician, who invented some of the world’s most common user interface tools died at the age of 74ץ

Larry Tesler who worked for Xerox, Apple, Amazon, and Yahoo! was the inventor of ‘copy & paste’, (along with Tim Mott) ‘find & replace’, and Gypsy, the first-word processor with a graphical user interface for the Xerox Alto, while in Xerox researcher center PARC.

The man whose car was equipped with a personalized California license plate with the number “NO MODES”, had been more interested in personal computers, he left in 1980 to join Apple following two visits Steve Jobs made to PARC.

What Jobs saw Tesler and colleagues developing, are the reason Apple produced the Lisa and the Mac.

While at Apple, Tesler worked on the Apple Lisa and the Apple Newton and helped to develop Object Pascal and its use in application programming toolkits including MacApp.

in October 2001 he joined Amazon and soon become vice president of the shopping experience, where he helped to improve the company’s website interface. Five years later, he opted to quit Amazon to moved back to Silicon Valley where his wife was still living. He then joined Yahoo! as vice president of the User Experience and Design group.  Since 2009, he held the position of an independent consultant. 

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