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Trump’s MS-13 Record Revealed: National Public Safety Endangered

Here is an attack on Barack Obama as violence increased in Suffolk County, but you will see that there are other factors at play in fighting crime which is happening under Trump’s watch right now. That attack was a year and a half ago and conditions are now not the same as they were, but things are getting worse. Federal money is needed on Long Island now. Trump is trying to use military funds for the wall and if that is legal why not put the money into our police departments right now?

Trump is losing the war against MS-13 on Long Island. Jeff Sessions is long gone, but the work that Trump and Sessions did to protect people on Long Island will be relived again if Trump has another State of the Union Address.

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Rudi Giuliani, the man who did not make Mexico safe, after cleaning up Time Square and then taking $5 million from Mexico to make it safe is still with Trump. Don’t forget about that! So what can Trump do now to win the war against MS-13. Have discussions with MS-13 as discussions are taking place with the Taliban?

It certainly does look as though Trump is prepared to do nothing and perhaps this article is coming out at a bad time as the Mueller Investigation report is expected and perhaps the investigation is coming to a close.

I was immediately attracted to the article Union: More detectives needed to fight MS-13 which appeared in New York Newsday today. Their reporter should have called the White House. Isn’t the Pope involved in discussions of the sex scandal of the Catholic Church in America?

John Wighaus wants to see the number of detectives fighting MS-13 and the opioid epidemic tripled now on Long Island. The new country executive says that the county is handcuffed by contractual terms negotiated by the previous administration. The previous administration was Republican and the current County Executive Laura Curran is a Democrat. Things are probably getting worse in One Nation Under Trump as I write and here is something that I found about the current opioid epidemic.

John Wighaus told me that the problem is six years in the making and he wants the detectives to be paid properly and at one point there were 170 people being paid improperly. We discussed that there were steps that had to be achieved by police in order to become detective and I told him that teachers have to achieve tenure over years of work, but there was an administrator who observed a new teacher who was the best that he had ever seen. Why not have a highway to that kind of success instead of making teachers and police take the scenic rout?

I also gave Wighaus the example of brilliant people like Bill Gates who have dropped out of high school. Shouldn’t the United States military take outstanding people who can make its programs amazing instead of rejecting people based on not having a diploma?

We can look at the community participation which includes people talking about unsolved murders, gang violence reaching streets that was unheard of before, and people who have lived in the community a long time who say it wasn’t like that decades ago. Some of these things are affecting Chicago and other places in the country. I had no idea about MS-13 when I bought my house in 1993, but I finally learned about it in 2002. It does take that long to educate many people on important matters.

In this matter, the Nassau County Police Department does agree with the Union that there is a problem and it is attempting to resolve the shortage of detectives. Nassau County is clearing short 44 detectives based on the budget. The Police Department is talking about expanding and that would require even more detectives. And Wighaus is calling for an increase in gang detectives from 7 to 20 (and they are handling mostly violent felonies) and the narcotics unit has half the detectives it had 20 years ago. Where in the world is Donald Trump?

Yes, where in the world is Donald Trump? He is involved in a national security emergency fight with the American people. I would suspect that most of those police are not even Democrats. We are all Americans fighting against a “regime” that should have started by providing Chicago with extra police on day one in January 2017. Rudi Giuliani got 1,000 police from Bill Clinton. Oh my how people conveniently forget. And considering the great loss of tax dollars to New York this year, things could easily even out if we concentrate on national safety instead of constructing a wall.

Instead of really having a hands-on (small hands) approach to situation on Long Island which has had crime that needed the attention of the F.B.I. for decades (what Trump calls the Feds) and maintaining his “war on crime” which has appropriately garnered the attention of Congressman Pete King (because of Brentwood in Suffolk County), we see instead “big mouth” not coming to the aid of the key battlefield personnel in this dispute. And people are going to continue dying because of current conditions. Perhaps those were the “small hands” that Marco Rubio was seeing during 2016?

Fighting a cancer takes the correct formula for preventing it and community policing is one way of fighting MS-13 and the opioid epidemic. Added to that (which has not even been mentioned in the New York Newsday article) is the increase in graduation over the years, particularly in Brentwood and Central Islip in Suffolk County, but the damage has been done. And police should not be given sole credit for reducing crime.

The MS-13 must be coordinating things now in order to preserve their strength or power. The gang has not been crushed by the thousands the way Trump has told the public and the truth is out. The epicenter of the gangs now has to be Nassau County and probably there has been a fusion of members there joining with Queens and Suffolk County. This sort of thing happened when Giuliani pushed the prostitution from Times Square and pushed gangs from one street corner or park to another place.

Over the years I have been to meetings in communities in libraries, churches, and non-for-profit organizations and I have spoken to people who are well connected, but nobody listens to me. I visited the program of Bishop Mackey and there was no action. I spoke with Serge Argueta of STRONG and no action was taken. I spoke out at a meeting in either Roosevelt or Uniondale High School in front of Police Commissioner Mulvey and others in the auditorium.

Many of my educational solutions are in my article in Jewish Business News. I am involved with people in Parkland where the Massacre took place and the size of that horrific shooting should make it a centerpiece for making America safe, but as you know Trump has been rigid in his approach and that hurts, particularly now that he has called a national security emergency where money could be taken from constructing a school in Kentucky to make a wall. Trump is being Trump and he will bankrupt public safety if he is not stopped.

Nikolas Cruz was in serious trouble before the shooting and his education was very lacking. There were two roads for him during those years. Both roads clearly meant that he educational attainment needed a big boost. One could lead to a high school diploma and the other to a G.E.D. which has been called a high school diploma in Florida for two decades. How do I know? I was helping Jeb Bush’s office in 2001. That’s how I know. It is probably certain that the Broward School District was failing in its attempt to help Nikolas Cruz, but I might have been able to help him. The G.E.D. could have been Cruz’s best option.

And what about MS-13? Ditto! I was even asked by someone in the Nassau County District Attorney’s office to help set up a G.E.D. class, but my calls to community people got me and the effort nowhere. And whenever I see gang related killings both on Long Island and New York City in the news, there is never a report which includes the educational attainment of the perpetrators of the crime as their was in the Nikolas Cruz case (ordered at the state level). Mistakes are being made by schools and communities that have to be addressed.

In Honduras there was an agreement in place between the Catholic Church and the gangs. It didn’t last and I think that it is worth exploring the same kind of agreement here, particularly because contrary to the poverty of Honduras the United States is a wealthy, developed nation. Trump has also told US that we have never been better off due to his administrative decisions. Well? Money should be pouring right now into for U.S. Justice Department grants for our nation’s communities that are still fighting off gangs after Trump’s comments about winning, winning, winning and decimating MS-13.

In addition, Trump has paid out almost $8 billion to farmers since he imposed tariffs with China. That is even more than he was requesting for his magnificent wall that will be the final solution to his immigration-gang-drug problem. Where is $8 billion for policing our communities?

Our nation’s elected officials have to do more. Amid all this ugliness related to gangs and drugs our politicians have missed a large target. Here we see my New York State senator talking about immigration and gangs, MS-13 cited. I have reached out to both the senator and the Long Island News 12 commentator. There is no mention of Trump’s wall and the shutdown that he caused and no mention of programs and things that could impact directly on MS-13 (and no mention of other gangs including the Trinitarios). Yes the mentioning of Parkland and its anniversary was stated as has Nancy Pelosi mentioned the same thing. What I am asking for is exceptional ideas, not the same old same old same old.

Breaking news. As I have mentioned before, Trump has been thinking about parades. First he had the Great Wall of Concrete and then the Great Wall of American Steel. Now he is urging an American salute in Washington, D.C. on July 4, 2019. That’s because he did not get his parade and he is desperately in need of recognition for Great things. I would strongly suggest that instead of the Great Salute in Washington, D.C. that he declares a Great Salute now at the Mexican border and rescind his preposterous National Security Emergency.

I can see all of those 4 X 4 and all wheel drive vehicles lined up at the border behind people (families) in Make America Great Again Hats saluting down Mexico Way. That should keep people out and scare people half to death.

And the New York City Police Department cut the time for trainees in the Police Academy after 9-11. I believe that the time was cut in half so that we could make our streets safer.



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