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Trump Broadway Show: Promises, Secrets, Alternate Facts and Loyalty

Donald Trump: Promises, Secrets, Alternate Facts and Loyalty


Hamilton has been a huge success, but that forefather of the American nation cannot compete with that par four father of the Donald Trump golf links who lacked the capacity to be president. Trump on Broadway is coming soon and I will write it.

There were promises made by Trump that included repeal and replace of Obama Care which has gone unfulfilled. But his partisans talk either that he has kept his promises or he is fighting to keep his promises. He promised to make Mexico pay for the wall and that American bandito is trying to make us pay for it. Once you see this key, you will comprehend where those promises, promises end. Do you see Stormy, Karen, and the others who came forward? That’s how you lose the key to the White House. Campaign fraud, fraud, and more fraud.

Trump has been embarrassed at world events and world affairs. Right now he is bringing the troops home from Syria and trying to make peace with the Taliban in Afghanistan. He has messed up the whole Khashoggi Affair. He has not obtained peace with North Korea which is upset about sanctions. He has provided aid to countries in spite of telling the world that he is about America First.

He has not brought about peace between the Palestinians and Israel and has not even shown his cards in almost two years which appears just as bad as Richard Nixon’s “secret” plan to end the war in Vietnam. That was a war that resulted in a million people fleeing for their lives as the Communists overran South Vietnam. Are we going to end seeing people fleeing the Middle East instead of seeing peace? If we have won, we could stay in Syria in peace instead of run which rhymes with won. Did Trump say won or run?

Trump besides having signed non-disclosure agreements with the White House staff has seen lots of leaks of secrets. The Cohen secrets have been amazing, depicting a lawyer who clearly did not trust Trump as he taped Trump conversations and flipped on Trump. And it all happened very fast. Then there were Flynn, Manafort, and others including his best friend Roger Stone who admitted making up things during the campaign.

There were also Stormy Daniels and Karen Mc Dougal who are still making news because of Trump. And those secret payments that he denied. Then there was Trump Moscow and the revelation that his attempts to make a Trump Tower fit for a Tsar was taking place right up to the election and not before it.

There were “alternate facts” that surfaced about a Trump organization that was making things happen for the Trumps instead of the needy. Thousands of lies and statements that nobody could believe were made after the election and taking the White House. So you see that a fact can be either a beautiful thing or a terrible thing.

Cohen is no longer loyal. Comey refused to be loyal. These were not Democrats who were expected to rat out Trump. Trump demanded loyalty, but he hardly talks about it now, now that there is a major crisis. I wonder if his children are going to flip as well. They do anything for their father. Please watch but take note that the four-minute mark is critical. Trump’s income taxes are about to be subpoenaed in 2020 unless I am nearsighted.
And do keep a close eye on that man with the receding hairline and the reddish hair. They would even build a wall for him which means that they must be Republicans. Such men have been around a long, long time and they ascend from the streets to making money on a university that has to pay back its students and they build foundations that have shaky foundations and they claim to Make America Great.

At this moment, both the Trump extended family has been in the news about being poor landlords and HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson has been under fire for poor management. Here is the story about the proposed 20 percent increase in rents for the poor. And more HUD Housing is failing health inspections under the doctor. Can he not surgically remove the mold and other housing violations?

Chris Matthews has made great news telling people that he thinks that Nixon, I mean Trump, is going to resign in the next few weeks. I have been calling for Trump’s resignation for a long, long time, but my crystal ball shows me a man in handcuffs and an arresting officer making sure that the man does not bang his head getting into the car. No roughing up as Donald Trump has suggested to the International Association of Police Chiefs. And I see Hillary Clinton waving goodbye to the man.

Making America Great has never been easy! Make America Great Again has been a vast joke except to the Trump base. Making Trump on Broadway is so easy to do. This effort is just the beginning.


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