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Mueller-Comey 2020: Trump Terminators

If there were two men who could drain the so-called swamp that Trump talked so much about in the past, those two are Robert Mueller and James Comey.

If there were two men who could drain the so-called swamp that Trump talked so much about in the past, those two are Robert Mueller and James Comey. Fox News should be talking about this tonight. If it dares to.

The greatest Christmas for Donald Trump right now would be the resignation of Robert Mueller. There probably will be no firing although it is something devoutly to be wished by Trump’s tens of millions of supporters here and afar in Russia. And today 44 ex-senators spell out the danger in America accelerated by the last two years.

Mueller and Comey for President and Vice-President of the United States, much more popular than Beto O’Rourke and Kamala Harris, but still less popular than Oprah. I wonder what Bruce Springsteen would say about this Democratic ticket?

Both men are Republicans, but Joe Lieberman switched parties and I read that Lyndon Johnson, at the end of his days in the White House, was seriously thinking of becoming a Republican after all that he went through with liberals and his party during the Vietnam War. I just found this article about LBJ which explains to me what I have known for over a decade and that is that there were illegal Jews in the United States in the 1940s.

We need people with 20/20 vision in 2020. Trump keeps losing control and now he says that the military will build his wall if the Democrats refuse to. He has recently reduced the cost of his wall by about $10 billion and his wall could be built by his billionaire friends as a testimony to their patriotism. Would it be wrong for those wealthy Republicans to provide a small donation?

Republicans are asking for an alternative plan by Democrats for the American people and there it is. Learn from the lessons of the violent demonstrations too taking place in France right now. The poor and working people are being oppressed right now and the rich are taking advantage of it all. And the target in Paris was not solar and wind energy companies. High end shops were targeted as well as restaurants where tourists go (over a hundred cars and six buildings were set on fire).

The Republicans have been in control for a long time and it is deplorable to place the blame on the Democrats. Everyone knows that the wall will not be that large of a deterrent and I have repeatedly said that Trump’s wall or any wall will just be a playground for the immigrants. Here is Senator Schumer revealing that Trump was guaranteed border security, but no wall which experts agree will not work.

Would Mueller be tempted to leave the great job that he is doing to run for president? I would hope not! Would Mueller fight for a wall or would have fight for better trained border agents (there is one who was arrested for murdering four women and others have been arrested for bribery in connection with drug trafficking)? Trump gives them an A+ or a great mark.

Mueller and Comey can bring many things forward to make national security and national safety stronger without ostracizing anyone including those people down south that make their states just as dangerous as “Chicago” or my community.

I went to play golf today in my town and as I passed by some “yellow vests” or what the French call “gilets jaunes” the workers and I had a quick chat. For a moment we all thought that we were in Paris, but those people were just doing road repair alongside the golf course. And I am sure they, too, need raises just like the French workers. Trump will back away from that.

With no deals in place in the Middle East over these two years, especially after touting the great ideas of Jared Kushner, we are no closer to peace in the Middle East. There are still frustrating votes in the United States against Israel even under Trump as there was under Obama.

And recent violence against Jews including Israeli soldiers tells us that not much has changed. I do not think that Israel would invite the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to Jerusalem at this time to attend a peace conference in the Embassy of the United States after the Khashoggi murder.

Both Mueller and Comey could share lots of information about Israel that they must be aware of, I am reasonably sure, that has not come out. Trump on the other hand was around people laundering lots of money in gambling casinos and he accepted that.

I believe that Mueller and Comey would be open to advancing education as a great deterrent to crime where Trump has cut back on things that are that critical and the International Police Chiefs even write about this in their recent letter to Donald Trump. There was praise of Trump and a slap at Trump, both in the letter.

But Trump spoke about more jobs than ever before in history, more jobs for African-Americans, and more jobs for people coming out of prison. Here is a report published yesterday about how incarcerated people in Minnesota get training for the “solar” industry, not coal. They have no idea if people get jobs, but the program is federally funded. Now if those people got jobs (many jobs) that has nothing to do with a president is pushing coal against wind and solar.

Lebron James For POTUS:  The People’s Choice for President of the United States

Trump used an anecdote in his talk to 3,000 law enforcement officers in Orlando (the IACP or International Association of Chiefs of Police). I would expect that he had great success with an anecdote when data is the rule in law enforcement. And Robert Mueller is not even investigating Trump and his impact on law enforcement. And Trump is touting “Stop and Frisk” which led to large increases in incarceration. And he used only an anecdote to get things rolling against Mexico and the immigrants.

I also believe that Robert Mueller and James Comey would never turn their backs on the leading African-American civil rights’ organization, the N.A.A.C.P which has asked Trump to speak at their convention and Trump has not accepted. And he lights Chanukah candles and exalts the Jewish people as he neglects African-Americans.

Ambassador Michael Oren of Israel (former ambassador) indicated in Ally that Israel needs America’s minorities in the future to help Israel. Trump is no help with his little band of African-Americans helping hardly anyone. Mueller and Comey would insure greater results for Israelis even if they decided to move the embassy back to Tel Aviv. There were 87 Black and Hispanic members of Congress elected in 2016 and recently there were winners and losers so I cannot make an accurate report right now.

In previous articles in Jewish Business News, I wrote about Lebron James for president, but that episode of my life is gone with the wind. Experience does matter and Trump was never ready to be president. Resignation is the great and perhaps final solution. And Lebron please stay in L.A.

Here is a video of Yacob Moshe Maza who was born in Sheboygan Wisconsin in 1931. Much of it will remind the viewer of Donald Trump in different ways. He became a Trump supporter working with Breitbart and here he talks about Mexicans being two feet tall and we only need a three foot high wall.

Jackie Mason, a Democrat turned Republican, is representative of lots of Jews today. A small minority of Jews, but a large enough number to cause election victories in some states (but not New York). Jackie Mason by his video and his words is spreading lots of falsehoods to achieve his goal and his loyalty is to Trump, not to reason. Republicans have been grossly deficient in reason, not all but lots. This is not about my country right or wrong!
Between complacency which was typical in Germany as Hitler took over, a vastly poorly informed public which harms nations, and now thinking more about Israel than Jews, we are not united. And we cannot unite in a common cause at this time, but things may change in the next two years.
Perhaps Trump should have followed him in the same line of work? Mueller and Comey would never stoop this low and would follow the Constitution and International Law.

And the Jews killed in the Pittsburgh Massacre are not crying out for that wall, but we all need protection. The right kind of protection. And the same righteous treatment of all people extends to people who are arrested (but never in Trump’s view). The International Association of Chiefs of Police condemned Trump for his comments in my community.

I still drive one traffic light from the park where four bodies were found in MS-13 territory. I work on my golf game which is getting better, but nobody listens to me.

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