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Springtime for Hitler in Times Square: No Trump Tower

Would a statue of Hitler be appropriate in Times Square or outside Trump Tower with a statue of Trump? Hitler was very popular among some groups in the United States

Mel Brooks as Hitler / Library of Babel

Nelson’s Pillar was destroyed by the IRA in Dublin, Ireland and things happen. Its memory has been preserved in various ways and the man who set the explosives was not charged. The pillar was finally demolished in 1966.

Mel Brooks gave the world the Five Commandments as he dropped five as he played the role of Moses. Then he gave us the Producers where Jewish men put on a Broadway show about Hitler. Here are some scenes from the Producers revealing the reaction and horror at watching Springtime for Hitler and Germany.

In the opening scene there is an officer of the Deutschland that resembles a young Donald Trump. And Trump says that the people love him? I’ve seen an Irishman, a teller of jokes, get seriously rebuked for telling Polish jokes on a cruise ship and I believe that he was not brought back to work there. Trump’s joking with our nation’s police is appalling and the laughter of the police is irritating. It does not lend itself to great community policing at all. We do not want police to act like border line Nazis in America.

Trump talks about “love” and his partisans point to it, but Trump has been terrorizing people. Those faces of disgust in the theater in the Producers against Hitler are the same faces today protesting Trump as was done by the cast of Hamilton and by many of the American people. I prefer not so state “in the millions” because it would sound just like Trump here. I really cannot put on a number on it.

Would a statue of Hitler be appropriate in Times Square or outside Trump Tower with a statue of Trump? Hitler was very popular among some groups in the United States, including Father Coughlin and his radio show and his newspaper Social Justice. What he did was described as a fusion between fascist and American culture. He appealed to Irish Catholics and he received indirect funding from a foreign power. No not Russia, from Nazi-Germany. After Kristallnacht, Father Coughlin used Trump-like history against the Jews claiming that we were persecuted only after the Communists killed millions of Christians in Russia. People were shouting anti-Semitic things including “send the Jews back where they came from in leaky boats.”

Hitler is an important part of history. In this way, Germany could finally pay tribute to Hitler which was not possible at the end of World War II as Trump trumpets history that he should say was “horrible.” Let’s look at some of Hitler’s prime moves.
He used Jewish labor in factories and other places, a form of slave labor. He kept those Jews alive longer because they were essential to the German war economy.

Trump is praising former slave owners through history who did pretty much the same thing without the Holocaust.
Both Jews and African-American slaves were given insufficient amounts of food

Would Jews be offended by a Hitler statue and allow it to be jammed down their throats by the political entity that raised the statue?

Is Trump blind to the history of African-Americans except of course to Kanye West who would never let racism get in his way?
Robert E. Lee opposed racial equality and giving African-Americans the vote and other rights and this was after the Civil War. America gave Hitler his ideas and now Trump is talking about Robert E. Lee as though he were one of the good people on the alt-right.

In addition the Trump family has been on the wrong side of racial discrimination as far back as 1972 and that could be a major reason for his failure in African-American communities. This so-called Republican president has mimicked much that was abhorrent in the Democratic South of people like George Wallace and others and even today’s “right-to-work” which bars unions in Southern states was accomplished with the thought in mind that if African-Americans could join with Whites in unions then Jim Crow and its anti-negro system could be overturned. Southern Democrats joined with Northern Republicans to help cripple the unions.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called “right-to-work” the right to rob us of our civil rights and job rights.” The United States Congress was in the hands of the rich and powerful and racist at that time, but with atomic power as 90 percent of Democrats went against President Truman (80 percent Southern and 10 percent other). The war ended in Europe, but there were huge divisions then as workers’ rights were limited.

And today people like Ken Langone of Home Depot tell us that he thinks that the division started because of the Vietnam War, information that only fools the American people. Taft-Hartley overturned by Congress was 1947. Republican action that was detrimental to the rights of African-Americans goes back as far as 1876 when the Republicans helped give power back to South after Reconstruction, ending Reconstruction.

And today even worse, Donald Trump speaks about the loss of auto jobs. Sure Detroit once had those jobs and that number got reduced by 3.6 million cars, but Bob Woodward in FEAR tells us about some of that history since 1994. “The entire BMW 3 series in the world were made in South Carolina and North Carolina, Cohn said (to Trump and others). The Mercedes SUV’s were all made in the United States. The millions of jobs lost in Detroit had moved to South Carolina and North Carolina because of the right-to-work-laws.”

In other words, the enemy was right-to-work and Republicans are completely quiet about that. And yes the total number of cars made in North Carolina and South Carolina are the 3.6 million that were lost. Trump Tricking America because we really did not know how many cars have given jobs to people down South. In 1995 the International Ladies Garment Workers’ Union had 250,000 workers down from 450,000 in 1969.

A word of caution to Kanye West would be tell people you really are not from Chicago and say that it was a lie or a mix up. Trump is on your side and he will always have your back. Now that Kanye West is not really from Chicago he can open a factory to help the former incarcerated men and women in Charlotte, Charleston, or some other place where there really is no right to work only “right-to-work” that has ruined things for Detroit, Chicago, New York (which had the I.L.G.W.U. making lots of garments with the union label made and other industries), and other cities. And it is also true that foreign competition played a role.

Instead of the immigrant being the enemy, we should seek the real truth about our own laws. Look what John F. Kennedy said in 1954 about the movement of textile mills from New England to the South.

Both Jews and African-Americans were beaten by their “masters (master race).” And their rights were taken away from them.
Hitler sent people in many countries to camps to be detained. Trump did what was not necessary to do in our great democracy by detaining children and then losing then conveniently losing contact with the children’s parents so they are still not united.
The newly appointed ambassador of the United States to the Dominican Republic (who is Jewish, but who does not share my own feelings) recently praised the family of Trujillo, the dictator who saved Jews from certain death in Europe when Franklin D. Roosevelt would not. She was disturbed also by the treatment of Haitians in the Dominican Republic, she said. But…but…but that praise of Trujillo went too far (publicly) and now is a part of history.

Before Hitler killed our people, just before, Trujillo had between 20,000 and 30,000 Haitians massacred at the Dajabón River which I have visited. This is the Trump Administration at its best, doing things it should not do. This is the kind of history lesson that should not be part of the presidency at all, but this is a different kind of presidency.

The Trump-Hitler statues would be best placed in Mar-A-Lago, still part of history, but far away from the public view. And Kanye please take a course in the history of the United States instead of repeating all the things that Trump believes in.

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