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Israel: Its Relationship with Presidents and People

The book Ally by Michael Oren, Former Israel’s ambassador to the US
“The State of Israel does not exist because of the Holocaust, but with the survival of the State of Israel, there will never be a Holocaust again.”
Israel received the promise of a $38 billion package of military aid over 10 years from the American president, the largest it ever has had.
This is amazing news for Israelis and their supporters. Read it again!

Let us look at some of the players including Benjamin Netanyahu, Michael Oren, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, John Bolton, and Mohammed Abbas. Most of this information was taken from the book Ally by Michael Oren. Oren was an American who had lived in Israel for about thirty years and he had to give up his American citizenship to become Israel’s ambassador. He admitted in his book that he had to learn a lot after returning to the States after such a long time.

These are things to learn about and keep in mind.

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During the Obama years the Hamas rocket attacks put 1.5 million Israelis at risk and Israel needed more Iron Dome protection.

America achieved the neutralization of Syria’s chemical capabilities with Putin and Israel.

Here are things that all Americans should learn about, things that were going on in Washington, D.C. and in other places that we should have learned more about.

Muslims prayed on rugs and ate halal food prepared in Michael Oren’s kitchen in Washington, D.C. At that event there was Iman Abdullah and Oren spoke about two doctors who were Israeli-Arabs at the Hadassah Medical Center whose names were Muhammad and Osama, people who had taken care of his wife when she was rushed to the hospital. The occasion was a Ramadan break-fast and the Israeli ambassador wished everyone “Ramadan karim.” This is outstanding news to me, but I wonder how a significantly large American population would take this, given the hate groups that we have in our nation.

Then there is the strong appeal made by Benjamin Netanyahu. “President Abbas, I extend my hand-the hand of Israel- in peace…. We are both sons of Abraham. We share the same patriarch. We dwell in the same land. Our destinations are intertwined. Let us realize the vision of Isaiah. The people who walk in darkness will see a great light,” he spoke. Again will Americans who are allied with Israel, extend that hand of peace to Muslims or are our people going to incite trouble. Shouldn’t the president back up all people as a sign of peace? I wrote about Abbas paying money to the families of terrorists while Trump was shaking hands with Abbas and hoping to make a deal with him. It took Trump a long time to realize what he was doing.
Benjamin Netanyahu said that in the Middle East “the enemy of my enemy is my enemy” which is something that I have mentioned before in relation to the killing of the judge by ISIS who ordered Sadaam Hussein’s hanging. This is an example of revenge out of control. This lesson about how revenge is inflicting great harm in the world should be learned by all. I have been writing about this since the early 1980s.

Netanyahu said, “the Iran deal won’t be a farewell to arms. It would be a farewell to arms control.” That would be unconstitutional in the United States to Israel’s supporters. This is a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World that we live in. Here we hope for gun control, which is something that Israel pretty much has in one of the most dangerous spots in the world. The Second Amendment does not have to be replaced, but we need more truth on this issue. See my article in the Jewish Business News about Charlton Heston, past president of the N.R.A.

Blog/ From Moses Defender of the Ten Commandments to Defender of the Second Amendment


Also lost in the last year and a half of the Trump Administration is the fact that Netanyahu, fearing that nuclear weapons would fall into the hands of terrorists said that Iran is worse “than fifty Koreas.” Clearly Donald Trump with all the talk about Iran to huge crowds has been waging the big battle with Korea, especially since it was Korea that was firing missiles and threatening us to counter Trump’s threats.

Michael Oren writes in Ally that John Bolton had to be restrained by Israeli security as he “fiercely” lunged at Oren after they were interviewed on television. Bolton, a strong critic of Barack Obama, was upset that Oren objected to appearing with him on television and insisted that the producers take him off the split screen or there would be no interviews. Oren suspected that Bolton would make Oren defend Obama on television. Then Oren was almost attacked by the man who is now Trump’s man. Also Bolton called Oren a “weenie!” And recently Michael Oren praised the appointment of Bolton as a true friend of Israel. I guess the insult was not so important (weenie vulgar for penis).

Michael Oren invokes the name of Emile Zola in his book, but in the context of Jewish criticism of Israel’s policies. He wanted to use J’Accuse to show people that of their ingratitude, the” most narcissistic of sins.” I find so many of his words extremely unpleasant and people everywhere know that I invoke Zola most of the time in my work and conversations. His opinion is not my own and I believe that J’Accuse should be invoked carefully because it does have universal implications. Yes we are more fortunate and that is not a sin.

I have been very impressed to read about Captain Alfred Dreyfus and former Ambassador Michael Oren and how they had a connection with Don Quixote. I am known as “El Qujiote del GED” which is the Central American spelling for the very same character of literature. I consider myself a real Quixote, acting always in the interests of others around the world. Bless Michael Oren’s work, but let it always be pure.

Michael Oren writes that Republicans “appeared more determined to alienate all of these interest groups” which included liberals, students, immigrants, and minorities.” It was suggested by some that Netanyahu would be better suited to have someone who thought as he did in place of Obama. Mitt Romney’s name came up and Romney and Netanyahu actually worked together in the mid-1970s at the Boston Consulting Group. So even though the ally thing is the principal theme, there is more to look at that divides Jews. It would be great to hear more protests from the Israeli government (Netanyahu and others around him) to support a better world view to make us all safe, but instead there seems to be total support for Trump.

As my readers know from a previous article in the Jewish Business News, American history has been debunked in a book that I mention in Similarities From Our Founding Fathers to Trump’s America. The American farmers that Michael Oren says are proof that the Western world could arm and train people to fight in Middle Eastern (Syria specifically) countries and that Obama “overlooked the ill-armed American farmers who fought against the British’s finest troops in 1776.” Large numbers of farmers turned their spots over to unemployed people who needed money and many of the key battles that were won by the Americans happened because the British were greatly outnumbered.

There really is nothing about Donald Trump in Oren’s book. If you thought that the points made about supporting Israel and promising $38 billion over a ten years period were about Trump, think again. Obama made that statement and Oren was very proud of Obama and it was Obama who made the financial commitment to aid Israel. I know that there are people who oppose aid to any nation and even Donald Trump when he was asked if aid to Israel would be cut off, he said “I think so” in his usual fashion. I took that to mean that he meant that he knew so, but I suspected that Trump was just making things up back in 2016. Trump increased the first installment of $3.1 billion by $75 million. It should be obvious why he did that. I feel that he did it to make Obama look bad.

The part about the neutralization of Assad’s chemical weapons took place in the Obama Administration. True it did not work and Israel played an important role in that. Trump had to attack Syria for use of chemical warfare. I can assess that people will say that Obama would not have taken that action and that may be true. What disturbs me after reading and thinking is that after not eliminating that threat how can Netanyahu, Oren, and Trump sell us a package that includes the total denuclearization of weapons in Iran? Using terminology from the business world, the plan that they have in mind could very well be another lemon.

Obama, Oren wrote, had faith in Netanyahu to bring about a two-state solution and as he left office provided Netanyahu of the military aid that was mentioned here. Trump just spoke at NATO and demanded that our allies pay more of their GNP or Gross National Product for their defense and the reaction was typical of how the opposition reacts. There was no agreement there, but Trump walked away misleading people. This is dangerous.
Poland sees a different situation related to higher spending, because that extra spending will make nations close to Russia more secure. If Trump is such a great friend of Putin, why is more money needed there? What’s going on? Would Trump kindly explain these things in his next campaign speech somewhere in the Mid-West? Americans are getting tired of his entertainment. We must know the truth now with the midterm elections coming up. And we need new direction immediately.

And to Jews around the world and their supporters, there is a photo of the annual Day of Remembrance in the Capitol Rotunda in his Oren’s book where he states that Americans “often forget America’s failure to save European Jewry.” I like his point, but in my last article, The National Anthem and Trump’s Throne, I ask for an apology by the American president for the death of Anne Frank and her family. Please take this message to Michael Oren so he can call Donald Trump. I like action and I am a real Quixote.

When there was talk that Richard Spencer was going to bring a speaker from Hamas to Whitefish, Montana to speak against Jews, Trump remained silent. Yet Whitefish was given a $300 million dollar contract to restore power to Puerto Rico and it was reported that it was given to a man who was connected indirectly to Trump. Jews need something much better and not just someone who will not alienate Israel in any manner.
The following people have been wrong: Michael Oren, Benjamin Netanyahu, Muhammad Abbas, and Barack Obama. I knew in the 1980s that there would be no peace. The wars stopped before then, but there really has been no peace. All the others who have been involved failed as well. All that failure has increased world terrorism. I noticed the terrorism when Obama was president and we see it today repeating itself. The formula for success has never been there and we have wasted thirty years.

I guess what I am trying to get across can be supported in a new television show that will be released starring Sasha Baron Cohen (Borat and Ali G…remember him). We have learned that he has interviewed Sarah Palin and Roy Moore who lost to Doug Jones in the U.S. Senate race last year. The show will be called Who is America? Sasha Baron Cohen pretended to be a war veteran confined to a wheel chair. Now Sarah Palin wants the network to donate the profits to veterans. Outrageous! Moore talks about how Cohen mocked Israel and supporters of Israel without giving any context or facts.

So Moore played the Israel card to get support and Palin played the military card. Cohen went undercover to get what he needed. Police do that. Then people Moore’s age know that one of the most popular shows for decades was Candid Camera (no Smile You’re On Candid Camera for them). We hope that those interviews are either funny or very revealing. Cohen can fall short of being funny, but I am a great fan of Borat. We shall see if this ends in court as Moore says. Stay tuned and I hope to learn about Israel’s (Netanyahu and Oren) review of the show.



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