Israeli musical startup JoyTunes has raised additional $10 million


The musical startup JoyTunes has completed a $ 10 million financing round. The company has two main applications: Simply Piano, the flagship application of the company, the world’s leading piano application with over 10 million downloads worldwide, which was selected as the best app by Google and Apple.

And the Piano Maestro application, designed for piano teachers, who use 10% of the piano teachers in the US on a weekly basis. JoyTunes’ unique technology is based on the MusicSense engine that identifies the user’s playing in real time and adjusts the application response to the pace of progress in person.

According to Yuval Kaminka, CEO and co-founder of JoyTunes: “We are a musical start-up that touches the lives of people and does good in the world through music. The current round of recruitment will enable us to work in multiples and yet it is important for us to maintain the character that led us to extraordinary success. Despite our economic ability to recruit dozens of employees, we understand that one of the key components of our success is our special and accurate team, and therefore recruit only the best people to join us on the journey.

Among the investors who participated in the fundraising is the largest growth fund Insight Venture Partners, which invested in companies such as Udemy, Wix and Twitter. Aleph fund, who also participated in the company’s previous fundraising and Genesis Partners fund. The investment also joined Yelp CEO who himself is an avid user of the company’s products.

To date, the company has raised $17 million.

JoyTunes was founded in 2011 by Roy Itzikovsky and the brothers Yuval and Yigal Kaminka. The company currently has 26 employees, including developers, designers, musicians, and educators.

The company is located in Tel Aviv and recently rented additional offices in the city.


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