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Why LGBT issue is a big problem for Israel?


By Benjamin Peng

With colorful balloons flying and rainbow flags waving, hundreds of thousands of people flooded into the huge crowd, June 8, 2018, the most attractive areas of Tel Aviv were occupied by the LGBT pride Parade, probably the largest concentrated event in Israel, the participants of this year scored another record, 250,000 people, more than half of the Tel Aviv population, and among them over 30,000 are foreign tourists purportedly. Participants were intoxicated with hilarious revelry in the annual carnival, the Israeli government and Tel Aviv municipality are happy to see such a big event to attract tourists and attention from abroad.

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Most people are already accustomed to the prevailing LGBT movement in Israel, so there are many non-LGBT people joining the whoopee, or just cheering them up on social media, there are very few contrary or worry voices expressed, this is extremely abnormal in Israel and global Jewish community which are usually filled with more than two voices over specific topics, this made me concerned and worried, is LGBT really utterly accepted or even advocated among the Israeli and overseas Jewry?

It’s said that most of Jewish people support LGBT, it’s beyond many people’s speculation, Jews are becoming more and more liberal, the liberals support all kinds of human rights including LGBT rights. I’m not a liberal, but it doesn’t mean I don’t support the human rights, I do support the basic rights of LGBT, and I do see them equal as anybody else, they deserve all the rights other people have, but they should have no higher or more rights than others, and they should not bring their influence on other people’s life.

I have no problem befriending or working with LGBT, but it doesn’t mean I have to support their sexual-orientation, I used to hire a gay in my office, he told me he became gay when he was in high school, and he suffered so much from his gay relationships. Homosexuality for long has been seen a deviant behavior, its perception had dramatically been changed from social taboo to private morality and normal right over the past decades, and it got overwhelming support from human rights activists and governmental organizations.

I don’t think I’m morally superior than LGBT people, and I have no right to judge them, but escalating LGBT movement and so-called Pride Parade also interfered in daily life of others including. Their high-profile propaganda will allure other young people and their next generation to become like them, it is dangerous for Israel to be in this trend for following reasons:

Firstly we can see younger and younger participants in the LGBT parade which deliberately hold activities for children and youth, people can be attracted to admire or become LGBT community, the LGBT population is constantly increasing in US, Israel is probably the same, I guess not most of people wish their children to be LGBT.

Secondly I don’t think there is anything to be proud to be LGBT, even there are many talented figures from LGBT community, but it’s not because of their homosexuality, it’s just because whom they are. How can you believe we are going to celebrate promiscuity with people with no shame but pride?

The last but not least, the Jewish identity of Israel will be at stake if the homosexual trend is continuing in Israel, the LGBT value is crystal-clearly contrary to Judaism, even most of people are not taking Judaism so seriously anymore today, but if the nation loses its Jewish identity, they will also lose the legitimacy to justify their claim to the land of Israel and Jerusalem.


Tel Aviv - LGBT Gay Parade photo Steven Zhang

The Israeli government and many politicians try to cater to the rights appeal of LGBT, given more than 70% of population are supporting LGBT rights, the voters matter for them of course, but the good politicians should strive for the nation, not for the voters, sadly they chose to serve the voters in short run instead of the well-being of the nation in long run, they poured millions of dollars every year for the LGBT campaign, and they were even threatened last year by LGBT leaders that if the government doesn’t provide enough support to them, they will cancel this year’s LGBT pride parade, what a Chutzpah threatening! I guess you would hardly find this situation in other countries.

Some people claim that as the most LGBT friendly country Israel can improve its international image, but probably this assertion is backfired, Israel was accused of pinkwashing by some opinion leaders, and many people disliked Israel because of the buoyant LGBT movement, so it may deteriorate the image of Israel. Israel have a lot to do to improve her image, why bother LGBT? At least the ethnic minority of this land deserve the same attention and rights as LGBT do.

I’m not Jewish, but a Zionist, people always say I’m more Jewish than many Israelis, I have to admit it at least spiritually. No country can understand better than Israel that homosexuality is absolutely a sin abhorred by the G-d of Israel, and people are punished many times by G-d because of homosexuality, it’s unequivocally taught in Torah, Halacha and Talmud, but how come Israel became the best destination for LGBT? And why Jews became the advocating front of LGBT?

According to Judaism, 1656 years after the universe was created, Gd flooded and destroyed the earth because of sexual immorality. The only survivor, Noah, his family and the animals that were saved on the ark, his son Cham was punished later on because of his obscene behavior to his father. Our merciful G-d made a covenant with Noah and all the living souls, and promised that He will never destroy the earth again with flood, and rainbow was a sign of the covenant.(Genesis 9:11-13).

Ironically rainbow now becomes a sign of LGBT.

G-d clearly commanded in Leviticus 18:22You shall not lie down with a male, as with a woman: this is an abomination(תועבה, literally means Abhorred by G-d, namely sin עוון). The consequence was severe(Leviticus 20:13), in Leviticus 18:27: For all these abominations have the men of the land done, which were before you, and the land is defiled.

People usually call the Land of Israel as holy land, but I don’t call it holy anymore, it doesn’t live up to holy in many ways and for many reasons, not just because of LGBT. Nobody is impeccable, but should we keep the wrong doings even we know G-d is displeased?

There are many cases of homosexuality heavily punished by G-d in the Bible, for example because of this G-d destroyed Sodoma and Gemora, the terminology sodomy originated from this. And the tribe of Benjamin was almost wiped out because of this.

I saw several prominent Jewish organizations publicly supporting LGBT, maybe because of the LGBT fashion or political correctness, or out of worry that they will lose support from LGBT community or advocates. Some of the organizations are religious, how can you be loyal to G-d while support the actions abhorred by G-d? How can you observe Judaism while promote the value against it?

Some reform Jewish community hold that homosexuality today was not understood when the Bible was written, so the Biblical prohibition of homosexual behaviors can and should be adapted to fit today’s situation. This excuse is not only a derecognization of the omniscience of the Almighty, but also a blasphemy of eternal supremacy of the Almighty G-d. His eternal words should never been challenged by people, we should keep the purity of the Biblical value without too much self-assertion.

As for our LGBT brothers and sisters, we should still love them as we love others and ourselves, and their basic rights should be respected, but we shouldn’t encourage them to over propagate their presence in the whole society, supporting the LGBT movement is unnecessary but incitement to some extent.

I know this article may offend some people, even I will lose some friends, that’s not my intention, but I have to speak out my opinions, because I feel obligated to do so as a Zionist.

Shema Israel! Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai Ahad!. Don’t commit treachery against your G-d, and don’t let your people plunge into the grave sin and incur big punishment.


The points expressed in this article are only reflecting my own views, and not reflecting any of the organizations Im affiliated with.

The author Benjamin Peng is the founder of Israel Plan Organization, the NPO organization supporting and promoting Israel in China, and the Managing Director of Cukierman Yafo Capital. He is living in Israel currently, and finishing his MBA in IDC Hertzliya.



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