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Blog/ Trump’s Evangelical Leadership and More: A Time for Denunciations

I know that evangelicals are Christians, that they support Israel, and other Christian pastors have even tried to get me to convert (but my recollection is that those Hispanic pastors said it was a blessing to be with a Jewish person). 
Justice is my greatest link to my people and I wish to see that from everyone.  And justice requires appropriate denunciations.  Emile Zolá coined it for all-time in his J’Accuse and it rocked France.
Think of the effect on people.  Think of Fox News.  Would Sean Hannity welcome with love and kindness the Honorable Minister of the Nation of Islam on his television show?
Three popular people on Fox News are Cardinal Timothy Dolan of the Roman Catholic Church, Alan Dershowitz, the famous lawyer and supporter of Israel and Jewish causes, and Robert Jeffress, one of the favorite pastors of Donald Trump who is on the Evangelical Advisory Board of the White House who in 2010 told people that three of the greatest Jews in history (Peter, Paul, and Jesus) said that Jews cannot be saved, since it is all about faith in Jesus and not Judaism.  He also called the Roman Catholic Church “Satanic” that year, which must remind us of Minister Louis Farrakhan’s attack on Jews.  And Muslims must be reminded that Jeffress blamed the Prophet Muhammed and Islam for the promotion of pedophilia.  He also called the Muslim faith “evil.”
I certainly do not want to be on Fox News which has been labeled recently as a “propaganda” network by one of Fox’s very own analysts, but these three men keep appearing as guests and they seem comfortable with it.  I have written to Dershowitz, telling him that Fox News is using him, but I, also, feel that Dershowitz is using Fox News. 
I know that people who have important things to say want to have a news outlet to express their ideas.  
Dershowitz has his platform and his audience.
Would someone interview those three men together?  What I am getting at is this?  There have been lots of talk and articles about denouncing people.  Minister Farrakhan is usually at the top of the list and Congressman Keith Ellison is often mentioned because of the former.  Once linked to Farrakhan, it is hard to escape that prison.  
Then there were the other African-American congressmen.  Recently there was a city council member in New York City who ranted against Jews and it was mentioned that these people are always knocking at her door, telling people that the Jews are responsible for “gentrification” of housing in her community. 
You would think that Cardinal Dolan and Professor Dershowitz would denounce Pastor Jeffress for his comments, unless they, too, are evangelicals who forgive Trump for all his corrupt ways.  
Just imagine this world if we sanctioned (instead of rooted out his kind of behavior through sanctions) his kind of behavior throughout the universe, especially if evangelicals start the educational process at 14, 15, or 16 years of age.  Okay I probably mean at the minimum age of consent, of course.  And what about the denunciation of Fox News which knows about the pastor, calls upon him to give them his best, and the warm welcome that he receives, his best being that it is “irrelevant” what Trump does with his sex life.  Was it irrelevant to them what Bill Clinton did in his sex life?
I say that Donald Trump has given Robert Jeffress a human shield to hide behind.  Neither one deserves to be protected from the things that they have done and the damage that they have caused.  Today’s news tells us about “A bomb on Trump’s front porch” left there through the Mueller investigation. And Trump tells us that the invasion of his lawyer’s home is not who we are, at the very moment when I was writing about the comments made by Robert Jeffress that demand that we speak out and say is not who we are.  And there is factual evidence that backs that up that pre-dates the Constitution of the United States.   If or when (depending on your reading of the evidence) the bomb explodes, Trump will be gone.  That is what bombs do, but Pence will, in my opinion, grant Robert Jewess the human shield to continue his work (in God’s name).  
Neither Muslim, Christian, or Jew should have this kind of human shield when it is clear to me that we must provide the education that it takes for everyone to get along.  Robert Jeffress must go now.  And I do not see about five million members of the NRA storming the White House to demand the president to cease and desist from saying things that grant protections for one group over other groups.  Try to imagine what would happen if Donald Trump called his “best” friend (Minister Farrakhan) into the White House to do his thing.
Chris Mancini is a former federal prosecutor who recently represented Khalilah Camacho-Ali and Muhammad Ali, Jr. in their fight for religious freedom after Muhammad Ali’s wife and son got stopped and detained at airports for being Muslim.  I asked Mancini who practices law in Florida and the Dershowitz appearance on Fox News with Sean Hannity.  In all his recent media interview with Sean Hannity about the raid on President Trump’s lawyer’s office and hotel, etc. I noted that Alan Dershowitz has side stepped the question of the existence of probable cause of Michael Cohen’s own criminal acts as the basis for the issuance, especially since a search warrant is directed at the place where the investigator requesting it be issued swears under oath that there is probable cause to believe that evidence or fruits of a crime can be found.  That chain of logic is basic search warrant law 101 and for Mr. Dershowitz to fail to mention it shows that he is sitting in on these Fox News to feed them what they want to hear rather than present all sides of the issue. To paraphrase the old Wendy’s commercial, where’s the rest of the beef, Alan? Why attack the ACLU and cry shame on them when you yourself are omitting to mention the most likely possible basis for the search warrant’s issuance? Shame on them, Mr. Dershowitz? Shame on you for not giving Hannity’s listeners a more balanced and complete point of view to consider,“  Mancini wrote. 
It is important to get all the facts before giving it one’s best and this is something for Dershowitz to adhere to in the future.  Maybe Fox News can have him back as a commentator denouncing Pastor Robert Jeffress and explaining just how he failed to consider search warrant law 101?



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