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BLOG / Divorce DeVos and Trump

As of this writing, at least one divorce of Donald Trump may be imminent, but please realize that he should be improving our nation’s neighborhood schools. 


Four Critical Things was sent to lots of people, including the office of Senator Ted Cruz in Texas. There has been no reply from that office. It would appear to me that school vouchers and charter schools are more important to that Republican senator than public safety.

Wake up Americans. Our government is not working well with Trump in office and even this morning on the radio someone who was interviewed and who was there during the Columbine Massacre spoke about the need for community to be completely involved (something that keeps failing us as we see more school violence).

As of this writing, at least one divorce of Donald Trump may be imminent, but please realize that he should be improving our nation’s neighborhood schools.  Instead of doing that, he has Betsy DeVos reshaping Obama policies as people attend funerals for students, teachers, administrators, and others.  It is exactly a year ago today that the office of Senator Cruz sent me the senator’s newsletter after receiving my email.

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A true secretary of education should be doing much more and never doing a photo op visit to schools.  Betsy DeVos should be visiting schools to provide solutions, extra money, and even metal detectors to keep everyone safe.  She and Trump should resign now and if it is determined that the F.B.I. director should resign so be it.  The money for the metal detectors and better training could and should come from the so-called wall money.

And there have already been many more killings by young people who are not in the Mara Salvatrucha or MS-13.  Trump’s speeches about that gang and illegal immigration are killing us in greater numbers.  You would think that someone could invent a metal detector that would cost only $500 so we could be protected everywhere.  Billions for a wall?  No! Hell no!  I really never say that, but what will it take for people to wake up?  And who is going to hold Senator Ted Cruz accountable?  He is probably going to say that the school in Florida is not even competing with charter schools.  And that the problem is not guns.  And that having guns ready to use in schools will save lives, the usual endorsement of gun rights in America.  We must protect each other and listen to new voices of reason.

Do your math.  If a fraction of the school population is problematic and either dangerous or potentially dangerous and then many students leave that school, doesn’t the fraction of problematic students get larger?  Example doesn’t 3/16 now changed to 4/16 make things more problematic for that school?

Four critical things to know about charter schools. 1..2..3…4.. As easy as ABC
1 Charter schools in New York City and other places have never taken over an entire school that was closed down and therefore it has been misnamed.  Charter classes would be a more appropriate designation.

2 Charter schools take students from an entire school district and they are selective.  There can be several neighborhood schools in a district and charter schools take students from various schools.  Parent leaders could be taught to do the same thing to prove that they could get equally good results.  And this would save our nation lots of money.

3 Charter schools are not judged properly by everyone, especially by the general public.  Quickly think of a corporation that has various companies that are not performing well and suddenly…suddenly…suddenly that corporation buys Microsoft and starts telling people that the company is solid.  Taking good students all of the time from neighborhood schools make charter schools better, but obviously those students that were doing well could have continued to do well in their neighborhood schools.  By moving those students who fit that description back to the spreadsheet column of the neighborhood schools for a moment would make the neighborhood schools look much better and that gap would be smaller.

4 Charter schools are making neighborhood schools more dangerous and this reason…public safety…demands that everyone act out of integrity instead of acting based on self-interest.  As more and more good students are taken from neighborhood schools and placed into charter schools the percentage of problem causing and even dangerous students become a larger percentage and this is very problematic.  It’s just like a larger debt that has to be paid back.  Three students with loaded guns entered NYC schools last year, but a Columbine Massacre was prevented.  Again your personal integrity demands that you understand all of this and share it with others.

You must vote against the appointment of Betsy De Vos.  She has become famous, but she cannot make things better across our country.  She is an illusion that I have just spelled out for you.  Our nation’s schools can improve without her.

I keep reading about how Puerto Rico today is fighting to prevent charter schools from shutting down public schools in communities.

I received a phone call from the Department of Education of Puerto Rico yesterday after previously calling the governor’s office about another matter.  I had a lengthy conversation with the person assigned to call me and I will be taking up the charter movement with that office, the Puerto Rican teacher’s union, and the people of Puerto Rico.

I have already suggested to that staff member obtaining the support of Luis Fonsi (reminds me of the famous Henry Winkler-Fonzie episode which resulted in a five-hundred percent enrollment of children in libraries) and Daddy Yankee right now to promote student achievement of Puerto Ricans everywhere including Florida and other states and jurisdictions.  We can have Happy Days as we make America a better place for everyone, instead of dealing with someone who I have felt was unfit to be president and to Make America Great Again.

Trump is clearly better with porn stars and eex-playmatesthan addressing key issues in America.
The electoral college has failed us.

The Founding Fathers had no idea how bad things could get, even as improvements were achieved through the amendment process.



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