Published On: Wed, Jan 17th, 2018

Travel to Israel? Now Ryanair charges you for your hand luggage

The Irish company charges passengers for hand luggage, but only on flights to and from Israel, and not to other destinations around the world.


The popular low-cost company Ryanair has become a little more expensive for Israelis. The Irish company charges an additional fee from passengers who fly with cabin bag, which they usually board the plane at no additional cost. Now we know that only on flights to and from Israel, and not to other destinations around the world.

About two weeks ago, Ryanair luggage rules have changed in a bid to tackle the flight delays caused by oversized luggage. The company announced that the trolley suitcases would be sent to the interior of the plane at no additional cost. Now it turns out that the passengers to Israel and those leaving Israel are the only ones who will pay an additional price for this service.

Why did the company decide to toughen passengers to and from Israel? Ryanair told Ynet that the reason is additional security measures at the Israeli airports. However, the IAA does not know of any change in the security arrangements, so the company’s explanation is quite puzzling.

The company’s new baggage policy offers passengers several options:

To purchase an upgraded ticket and pay additional €5 for the trolley when booking the flight or pay €6 if the application is made up to 30 minutes before departure. A passenger who did not pay in advance and still wants to board the plane with the trolley will have to pay about €50. It is permitted to board the plane with a small handbag size 35 × 20 × 20 without additional charge. The price of a large suitcase weighing up to 20 kg is €25.

In the past two years, The Dublin-based carrier has made headlines thanks to its very low prices, even unprecedented. Last November, the company broke all records when it sold tickets for only €4.99 for Black Friday to destinations in Europe, including Israel.

At the beginning of 2017 Ryanair offered tickets from Israel to Europe at €20 in the direction, but for a very limited time, on the occasion of the opening of 15 flight lines launched from Ben Gurion airport and Ovda airport to a variety of destinations in Europe.

Now, it seems, the company has become $5-6 more expensive for the Israeli passengers.


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