Published On: Wed, Jan 17th, 2018

The goal: A blonde America

Op-ed: A little over 70 years ago, Germans wanted to get rid of the weird Jews; now, Trump wants to get rid of the blacks; as far as some of his supporters are concerned, Jews aren’t part of the white race either; following the president’s racist comments, they’re no longer afraid to say: ‘Jews, get out.’

Anti-Semitism in America (Photo Gregory Locke)

President Donald Trump was elected president after successfully detecting waves of hatred towards the “other,” which keep sweeping through the country. He managed to instigate, divide and provide his white voters with precisely what they wanted: animosity towards anything that isn’t pure white trash.

Now it’s time to deal with the black people, who Trump wants to get rid of. His followers have taken it one step further: As far as some of them are concerned, Jews aren’t part of the white race either.

Over the weekend, Trump jumped deep into the gutter when he basically said he was interested in blonde immigrants. And, if possible, blue-eyed too. Like in Norway.

And that’s exactly what the president’s followers want: A white America and racial purification. A little over 70 years ago, Germans wanted to get rid of the weird Jews. Now, Trump wants to get rid of the black and dark brown.

According to his followers, Jews are exploiting the economy and taking over the hostile media. Trump, in his racist comments, made them rear their head. Now, they’re no longer afraid to say, “Jews, get out.”

The president believes in “America First,” and his followers believe in a “pure America.” These desires merge very well and feed each other dangerously.

If the president were able to read more than one page, he may have been able to lay his hands on the study showing that African students in the United States have higher academic achievements than any other group of immigrants, including the Asians who he actually wants.

He may have also learned that in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where his uncle was a renowned professor, most students are foreign—and a considerable portion of them come from “s**thole” countries, as he defined them.

He merely said what his political base thinks, feels and wants: A country as white as snow. A blonde country.

When Barack Obama was elected president, that political base felt it had been robbed of its country, especially the older white men who see Trump as their supreme representative.

Now, he has pushed them forward, and the racists no longer need to hide, having one of their own in the Oval Office. Their president, in his own unique style, made them realize that only white is beautiful, and that blonde is the fairest of them all.

By Ynet News

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