Published On: Wed, Jan 10th, 2018

How to maintain a good credit score – Tips and Tricks


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When it comes to credit cards, these can get out of control very easily. While they can offer you the necessary financial means to invest in products that you always wanted, an extra credit card can ruin beyond improvement your credit score. Below we will be offering a deeper insight on how to care properly for your credit card and have a perfect credit score.


In case you’re in a too big of a debt, consider credit consolidation loans

This shouldn’t be the first piece of advice that we give, but given the fact that many are searching for tips and tricks only after they realise that their credit score cannot be improved, it is. These services will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel, earlier than you would succeed if you were to pay the debt yourself. Debt consolidation loans are secured or unsecured loans that will help you to pay the entire amount of the credit card. These come in various forms, each of these developed to serve various categories of individuals and their needs. Some of the most popular options in terms of debt consolidation loans are:

  • Home Equity Loans;
  • Loans for Debt Consolidation;
  • Balance Transfers on Credit Cards;
  • Personal Loan;
  • Military Debt Consolidation;

In order to be sure that you choose the best alternative for your particular case, make sure to discuss your options with a consulting agency on these matters.

Learn how to manage your credit

Credit management skills should be acquired by all those who have a credit card. Only this will assure you that you’ll maintain a good credit score and have a great relationship with your bank. Here are some things you should do on a regular basis.

  • Keep track of your spending habits;
  • Don’t exceed your credit limits. This can be easily managed by creating a spreadsheet with all the payments that you make by using your credit card and by checking your balance frequently.
  • Create an emergency fund. We emphasize the importance of having an emergency fund. Monthly everybody should consider putting at least 10% of their income in that fund. This will assure you that you don’t let yourself and your family exposed to unfortunate events, such as a job loss or a medical emergency. Also, this will assure you that you don’t abuse your credit card and maintain a healthy balance on it.
  • Always make the minimum monthly payment. If you want to have a spotless credit score, then you should make sure to acquit at least the minimum monthly payment necessary on your credit card.

Make all your payments on time

Unfortunately, not many of us know how to be organized with our finances. But below we have some tips.

  • Make sure that you know all your due dates. Making payments on time strongly depends on how organized you are with your due dates. If necessary, create a spreadsheet to guide you.
  • Be organized with your bills. This will definitely help you keep a closer eye on all the payments that you must do throughout the month.


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