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Donald Trump Belongs in Hebron, Not in America

I can be neutral, Donald Trump told an audience during an MSNBC town hall, and I sat in disbelief as I read about it.  This was February 2016.  Then he said he was looking at a one state and two state solution.  Then his administration said that Israel should stop announcing new settlements which could deter his peace effort in February 2017.  And then came the knockout of peace as he declared that he will move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem.  Can Trump ever be trusted to bring about peace?  Can others in the United States bring about peace?  Donald Trump is in deep trouble and he is someone who should have been disqualified by humanity from running.
This is what you must know about Jews in America, of course not all Jews.  Sheldon Adelson and his associates truly have done more for Israel than I have, but lots of truths must be exposed and you will learn more right now.  It is my hope that people all over the world can benefit from the information.  So there is a great divide among Jews and perhaps that divide is much more pronounced in the United States where about seventy percent of Jewish-Americans did not vote for Trump.  Just to start off on the right foot, a call that I made to Alabama concerning Senator Jeff Sessions and the hearings for Attorney General immediately showed me that there was concern there about the senator’s civil rights record which could impact on Jews as well as other ethnic minorities.
The so-called liberal anti-Trump campaign is not really that at all. Let’s go back even to Trump’s comments on the rather conservative Bill O’Reilly Show when Trump asserted for the entire world (not behind closed doors) that his major Christian belief is “An Eye For An Eye” and not “Turn the Other Cheek.”  I later asked a rabbi in an orthodox synagogue on the Lower East Side of New York about that part of the Bible that actually originated with the Babylonians (today’s Iraqis). The rabbi told me that rabbis must be extremely careful in supporting that notion (suggesting that Trump was careless).  Then while walking away from that religious institution, a fellow Jew who was walking with me suggested that all the Palestinians should be killed.  Remember how Trump talked about taking out the families of terrorists during the campaign?  That could easily lead to all Palestinians being killed.  Evangelicals needed much better than that and a so did a “huge” numbers of Catholics.  African-Americans distinguish themselves as the one voting group that has been polled that shows vociferously that it wants someone much better.  And I do believe that we need a breakdown of subgroups to understand just why evangelicals, Catholics, Jews, and others did vote for Trump, Moore, and others.  This seems to be something critical that is being overlooked by the press.  For me and people that I have had a dialogue with, the election was about electing the lesser of two evils.  And boy have we voted in evil. 
Let’s take a quick look at the Trump empire.
The $20,000,000 settlement of the Trump University suit for fraud and of course it was never even a university in the first place.
The $50,000 fine by the attorney general of New York State because the Trump Corporation did not adequately protect credit card holders for four months after a breach of credit card information.  This reveals the “good hands” people at the Trump Corporation.
The dropping of charges against Trump’s children after an investigation was made into felony fraud over the lies they told about the purchases apartments that would deceive buyers.
Donald Trump, Jr. in a video telling women who are being sexually harassed to find employment elsewhere (the harassment could continue).
The groping issue which I call Grope-A-Dope on my FACEBOOK page, or called “locker room” talk by the other side.
Melania Trump when she was visiting the United States as a model lawyers for Trump said that she complied with laws and then flip flopped and reported that she did work without authorization.  All undocumented immigrants and illegal immigrants who do the same deserve the same protections as Melania has obtained. 
Trump told Breitbart that Jeb Bush should use English only in the United States and not speak in Spanish.
Donald Trump has driven down wages of federal employees and those people in management positions who were provided with protections for overtime and he has not even hired a single veteran in Mar-A-Lago that we know about after hiring people from outside the country.  And he continues to do this year after year.
All of this does not add up to a positive view of the Trump empire and there is no mention here of money laundering, collusion with the Russians, and obstruction of justice in the firing of James Comey.  There is no mention of Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu, and David Friedman.
In 1983 a woman on the streets of Paris asked me to be careful.  Of what?  The Arabs.  I soon made friends with two young Algerian Muslim women from Grenoble, France, spent time with them during Ramadan, and later arranged to have them stay with my brother on New York’s Lower East Side for a month.  They got to know my parents and everyone enjoyed the experience.  One of those young women was soon killed in an avalanche and the other one became a teacher.  She recently told her students about the work that I was doing and the students seemed amazed to learn about me.  Even before I became famous for my work in education, I tried to help Mike Tyson pass his high school equivalency test while he was in jail and my contact information was not passed on to Tyson by the prison staff.  He failed that test and that information was published in the NY Daily News.  Now I would never have published his results because I believe those results should have remained confidential.  I later got to speak on the phone to the man who lost his title to Tyson and the man who defeated Tyson to win the heavyweight championship of the world, James “Bonecrusher” Smith and James “Buster” Douglas.
Around the time I met those young Algerian students, I conceived the idea for a motion picture based on my movie treatment.  Amos Kollek (the son of Teddy Kollek) read my work while he was in New York and one of the last film makers to read my work, Andrew Victor McLaglen, made a movie with Brooke Shield called Sahara. I also got a telephone call from Costa-Gavras who had already made the motion picture Hannah K which was about a Palestinian who tries to get back property which is in a Russian Jewish community in Kafr Rimon. At one point during those years, an Israeli friend placed my story on the coffee table of Menachem Golan.  
My dream of making a movie coincided with Israel’s dream of having peace. Both faded away and both Israel and I have prospered in our own way since.  I was asked by at least one Emmy Award winning director to change my violent ending to a peaceful ending and I would not entertain that thought, basing my decision on what I felt would be the future.  Terrorism came to the United States during the Camp David Peace Talks of President Jimmy Carter, Menachem Begin, and Yasser Arafat.  Tov Meod, the movie treatment, became The Sacred Oath: Ali Lakhdar’s Revenge.  I went to the Palestinian shops in Brooklyn back then, but today I would really have to think twice, three, four, five or more times about doing that.  And the Israelis who read my work said, “That’s my history!”  The reviews were favorable ones and people thought the story was balanced and unbiased.
Hebron was a dangerous place for Jews in 1929 and my screenplay begins with the massacre of dozens of Talmudic students in Hebron and my crusade against Donald Trump began with his comments about Mexico not sending us (the United States) its best people. 
Here are some final bullet points.
Guatemala and Honduras have opened the door to future acts of terrorism in their countries by supporting the movement of the United States embassy to Jerusalem.
Benjamin Netanyahu was wrong in declaring that there should be a wall between the United States and Mexico.  Mexican Jews were upset at his comments.
Here is a question.  Why does Israel continue to negotiate with a man who pays terrorists and why hasn’t Donald Trump denounced this?  President Abbas continues to pay terrorists.

Nikki Haley, Donald Trump’s appointee to the United Nations, left South Carolina that has an English only law related to issuing diplomas, discriminating against, yes, the people of Guatemala and Honduras that live there and who are Spanish dominant. English only also means no Hebrew.
White House lawyer, Jay Sekulow, in his book on ISIS writes that ISIS has tens of millions of supporters around the world and he points out that the judge who found Sadaam Hussein guilty and sentenced him to hang was killed by ISIS presumably in retaliation.  This was a case where the enemy of my enemy is not my friend and illustrates the great need for educating people.
In this great fight against terrorism, why was there an attack by the West Side Highway and then barriers protecting the people were placed there after the fact.  NYPD, FBI, and Israeli intelligence failed those people?
Donald Trump belongs in Hebron where he could build a golf course and play lots of golf there.  He did not release his tax returns.  He lied about so many things before taking office. He has been caught in lies, other falsehoods by press, and generally has made so many things up that he never belonged anywhere in government.  There is a famous quote “I would rather be right than be president.”  Trump must believe in “I would rather be wrong and be president.”  His tax law is the eighth largest tax refund to people in history and not number one as he pretends it is. 
Martin N. Danenberg has been the teacher of the Consulate of El Salvador where word of his work reached the cabinet level in El Salvador. He has actively promoted education among the people of Guatemala and Honduras, two nations that support the idea of the United States embassy in Jerusalem. 



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