Trump’s expected policy: Israel is not the cause of problems in the Middle East

Politico investigation reveals previous American administration undermined an ambitious law enforcement campaign and allowed the Lebanese terror organization to engage in drug-trafficking and money-laundering operations—including inside the US— to ensure nuclear deal would remain on track. 'This was a policy decision,' says finance analyst.

US President Donald Trump will present his country’s new national security policy on Monday.

According to a senior administration official Tump will promote America’s first vision. He will be erasing the Obama administration’s progress on climate change and positioning the United States as a rival with two superpowers – China and Russia – who are trying to undermine the global status quo against American interests.

According to the source, the administration will also change its approach to the Middle East and Israel.

“For generations, the confrontation between Israel and the Palestinians has been understood as the first thing preventing peace and prosperity in the region,” Trump wrote.

“Today the threats of the extremist jihadist organizations and the threat from Iran lead to the understanding that Israel is not the source of the problems in the region.” It was also written that “Countries find common interests with Israel in dealing with common threats.”

According to sources in the administration, Trump will address “Revisionist powers” such as Russia and China, which threaten to change the status quo. The sources cited, for example, Russia’s actions in Ukraine and the Beijing operations in the South China Sea. “They (China and Russia) are determined to make the economy less free and less honest, to increase their armies and control the information to oppress their citizens and increase their influence,” the White House said in a statement.

The new policy will not explicitly mention Russia’s attempts to intervene in the US elections, but one official said it would stress the importance of ensuring the durability of democratic institutions in the United States. Criticism of Moscow will break the hot line of words between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two men have spoken twice in the past four days.

The officials said Trump’s document referred to China as a “strategic rival” rather than a more aggressive term than was heard last week by National Security Adviser Herbert McMaster.

The officials also said that the policy did not repeat former President Barack Obama’s statement, which described climate change as a threat to national security. “The United States will continue to promote an approach that balances energy security, economic development and environmental protection,” Trump said, promising to remove the United States from the climate agreements signed in Paris unless changes are made.

Trump is also expected to address the threats of “dangerous regimes,” such as North Korea. “While the missiles are growing in size, type and efficiency, including those with larger ranges, they are becoming a reasonable means for countries like North Korea to use nuclear weapons against the United States,” the document said. “North Korea is also developing chemical and biological weapons, “He said.

In addition, Trump is expected to renew his call to NATO member states to increase defense budgets and say the United States will demand that its allies be fair and act in concert.

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