Published On: Thu, Dec 7th, 2017

Credit card versus cash – who wins?


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Have you ever wondered what is the best variant for paying? Credit cards or cash – this dilemma is present in many people’s heads and it actually has an answer. It all depends on how much money you are spending on a daily basis, how do you get your salary or how is it more comfortable for you to pay. Each person is unique, meaning that what may seem comfortable for other people won’t work for you. This article is meant to present the benefits of both credit cads and cash. In case you’d like to know more about this topic, keep reading and you’ll be able to make a decision at the end of the day.

Cash or credit card – paying

This is the question that each vendor will address to you whenever you go shopping. What’s impressive is that people who usually pay with a credit card tend to spend 20% more than people who pay with cash. Cards have taken up more and more space in people’s wallets instead of cash and coins. In fact, a credit card will always look better in the wallet compared to many colored paper sticking out. Choosing the best credit cards became a trend and people started to understand that the digital area offers them plenty opportunities to make their life more comfortable than before. Yet, some of them might still rely on cash, simply because they find it easier to handle their money this way.

For some people, cash might be the best solution for shopping, while others will find it easier to pay with a credit card. Some influencing factors include age, habits, the amount of money they are paying monthly or daily, how many ATMs are around the city etc. Online shopping became a trend, and paying with a credit card online saves you the trouble when the package arrives.

Advantages and disadvantages

When you are paying cash, you are being aware of how much money you are spending, so you are better at evaluating your budget. Also, with cash you won’t be able to spend money that you do not own, while with a credit card you’ll always have the money you need right inside your wallet.

You can pay bills directly at the ATM and this way you’ll avoid the interminable queues when going to the bank to make all your payments. Even if you are being robbed, when using a credit card, no one will be able to withdraw money from it without using your PIN. Plus, the bank account or the company that emitted your credit card will be able to block it in an instant. With cash, you won’t have the possibility to get your money back. The main disadvantage of using a credit card is that you can let yourself be seduced by offers and sales in shops, while credit cards will grant you the opportunity to pay with money you do not own and create yourself some debt that you’ll eventually have to pay.

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