Published On: Wed, Dec 6th, 2017

Ice Age-Era Cave System discovered Under Montreal

A pair of stubborn adventurers who suspected that more secret cavities were in the vicinity of St. Leonard's cave had been discovered the 15,000-year secret canal

Ice Age-Era Cave System Found Under Montreal PHOTOGRAPH BY LUC LE BLANC


Luc Le Blanc and Daniel Kron, two adventurous cave explorers from Canada, uncovered an underground canal of about 15,000 years – from the last ice age of the earth – under the city of Montreal.

The thrilling discovery, according to the Guardian and the BBC, follows three years of persistent searches by the duo. For years, Le Blanc and Caron studied the environs of the well-known St. Leonard Cave, which was discovered in 1812, and suspected that there were other hidden spaces in the area that were only waiting to be uncovered.

Two years ago, with the help of technological aids, the two discovered unusual findings on the ground, including a hand-sized hole, and knew that these could indicate the existence of a cavity beneath the cave of St. Leonard. They inserted a camera through the hole – and this corroborated the explanation: beyond the wall there is a mysterious space that has never been revealed.

In October of this year, after a failed attempt, the two managed to enter the secret channel through a soft layer of rock. “The space we found there was bigger than we thought,” Blanc told her. The two discovered a six-meter-wide space and three meters wide, flooded with still water that does not move.

By means of inflatable boats, the docking was placed in the ditch, and it was found to be at least 250 meters long. At one point, Blank and Caron were forced to stop and go back because of the water level, but they plan to return to the canal and explore it next year.

The Montreal municipality was also moved by the findings. It had already commissioned an accurate study to understand the precise dimensions of the canal-in the hope of opening it to the public one day.

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