Published On: Tue, Nov 21st, 2017

Dog was abandoned by her owner at an airport – and died of a broken heart

The dog's owner had left her in a port in Colombia, and she had been walking around the building for a month. She refused to eat and her condition deteriorated until she died.

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A dog left alone for a month at an airport in Colombia, died of a broken heart.

The owner of the young dog abandoned her at Plongeau International Airport, near the city of Bucermanga. She waited for him to return for four weeks.


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Veteran veterinarian Alejandro Sotomante told the Daily Mail: “Our assessment is that a traveler abandoned her, and it turned out that she was at the airport for a month, walking through the corridors and looking for someone, perhaps her owner.” According to testimonies, she sniffed passengers and searched for someone, until finally she gave up and settled in a corner of the building.

Passersby tried to feed her from time to time, but she was too sad to eat regularly. In her last days she stopped eating completely. The British “Mirror” reported that a passenger at the port alerted an animal rescue organization and the dog was evacuated to a shelter in the area, but it was already too late – she could not stand on her own. The veterinarians who took care of her gave her the name Nova and was late – “a traveling cloud.” She got food and an IV treatment, but her condition continued to deteriorate.


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“This state of waiting, expectation, has reduced her health to the point where she has not eaten any more,” Sotomante said. Veterinarians have determined that the cause of death is depression.

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