Published On: Sun, Nov 19th, 2017

How to Pack Clothing for a Moving

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Packing your wardrobe for a moving isn’t an easy thing. Usually, we have a dilemma. Whether to pack everything extremely carefully to avoid wrinkles or whether to pack everything in a compact way to save more space.

Today we’re going to discuss the most effective, the fastest, and the craziest ways of packing your clothing. In the end, you will be able to choose the one method you like the most. But firstly, we have some information for those, who haven’t decided yet what moving company to work with.

Wardrobe Packing Tips

Method №1

To pack hanging clothes get a wardrobe box. It is pretty light and specifically designed for clothes. Place the steel rod in the openings at the top of a box and press it firmly. Then, hang your clothes with hangers directly on the rod. But always leave some space between iteьи. This will prevent wrinkles and possible discoloration. When the box is ready, close the flaps, and place a packing tape on top. Label the box. That’s all. The main rule here is not to overpack.

Method №2

The second method will be familiar for those who travel a lot. It is called a «rolling method». Before placing your clothes in a box, just roll every item like a burrito. Place rolled items very close to each other in the box.

Method №3

Divide clothes into several sections. Pull plastic bags over each section of clothes and cinch it at the top. Using this method you can avoid packing your clothes in packing boxes.

Method №4

In this method, we’re going to save some money and use trash bags instead of special wardrobe boxes. Get a set of bigger trash bags, divide your clothes into sections, make a hole in the bottom of a trash bag. Put the trash over clothes. Easy and cheap.

Method №5

And the last but not the least is a mixed method. For this packing method, you will need a wardrobe box, a trash bag, and twist ties. Select your wardrobe into sections (from5  to 10 hangers) and secure the hangers with twist ties. Then, make a hole in the bottom of a trash bag. Cover each wardrobe section with the trash bag. Now you can place it in the wardrobe box.

For shoes, we recommend getting a shopping bag. Simply fill a paper shopping bag with sneakers, slip-ons, loafers, flats, flip-flops, belts, etc.

Hopefully, these tips will make a wardrobe packing process much easier and funnier for you.



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