Former NBC Sports VP Alex Gilady accused of sexual misconduct


Alex Gilady, the renowned Senior Vice-President of NBC Sports, a member of the International Olympic Committee since 1994 and founder of Keshet broadcasting company, is in hot water after being accused of sexual misconduct by two prominent journalists.

Both Channel 10 News journalist Oshrat Kotler and Haaretz columnist Neri Livne accused Gilady of sexually harassing them following the wave of confession by public figures as part of the #MeToo campaign, which started in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against American film producer Harvey Weinstein.

Kotler, who was the first to come forward, revealed Thursday that Giladi had offered her an indecent proposal.

“I was a young woman who came to Channel 2 News in ’94. There was an offer to anchor the Channel 2 morning program, which was then in its early stages,” Kotler posted on Facebook.

Shortly after she was accepted for a job, she said, “I got a phone call from Gilady, inviting me to dinner. When I tried to dodge it and suggest lunch, he said no no, dinner, and free up the rest of your evening.” When Kotler informed Gilady she was married he answered “How’s that relevant? Don’t you know how you get ahead in TV and in Hollywood?”

Kotler declined, retorting she’d rather not get ahead at all.


Oshrat Kotler

“Maybe I shouldn’t have waited this long,” she said in her post. “Maybe I could have saved the heartache of some women who went for job interviews at Keshet.”

Livneh then wrote in an article published in Haaretz on Sunday that in 1999 Giladi contacted her and asked her to meet with him, saying had an interesting offer for her.

After a meal at the prestigious “Mul Yam” restaurant, he claimed that he must watch a current affairs program at home and invited her to accompany him.

At his home, Livneh said, he came down from the second floor wearing a silk robe.

“For some reason he suddenly decided to open his robe, exposing himself to me and telling me ‘talk to him,'” she said. “It was not the microphone I was hoping for, of course. I shouted at him to quickly close his robe and asked him to call me a cab home.”

Livneh claimed that many were aware of sexual misconduct committed by Gilady but avoided from making it public. She even detailed the incident on a women’s program the year it took place, but says was asked not to mention Gilady’s name for legal reasons.

Neri Livne


“The testimonies of the two journalists about alleged improper behavior attributed to Alex Gilady are very regrettable and painful,” said Keshet CEO Dorit Wertheim on her behalf and on behalf of the company.

“Without addressing the details of the cases themselves, the circumstances and the passage of time, I would like to strengthen anyone who feels hurt or humiliated as a result of improper conduct.

“For those of us who have been affected by sexual harassment, verbal or action, time does not give us peace. I want to strengthen my courageous sisters wherever they are.

“I will continue to do as much as I can so that together with Keshet’s management we will allow anyone who works with us a secure and protected work environment.

“I intend to speak to Alex Giladi as soon as possible.”

Giladi has yet to respond to any of these allegations.

By Ynet News


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