Published On: Sat, Oct 7th, 2017

Murdered Swedish Journalist: Head, legs found by Divers



Danish police have found the head and legs of Swedish journalist Kim Wall, who died two months ago under mysterious circumstances in a submarine built by Peter Madsen of Denmark. A police spokesman told reporters in Copenhagen that Wall’s remains were found in the water yesterday and that no fractures were found in her skull – though Madsen claims her death was caused by a blow she had accidentally received from the submarine door.

“We found a bag with Kim Wall’s clothing; shirt, skirt, socks and shoes, and also a knife and lead pieces weighing them down,” lead investigator for Copenhagen police, Moeller Jensen said. “Around noon we found a leg, then another leg, and shortly thereafter we found a head, also in a bag weighted down by several metal pieces.”

The 30-year-old Wall was joined 40-year-old Madsen to write a story about the submarine he built. The two went on a tour on the evening of August 10, and the next morning the submarine sank. The Danish navy managed to save Madsen, who said at first that he had taken down Wall in Copenhagen on the eve of the voyage. But a few days later the reporter’s torso was found in the water after her body was cut and metal parts were attached to it to sink.

Missing Journalist: The Headless Body Identified as Kim Wall


Danish inventor Peter Madsen is accused of murdering the Swedish journalist. It is estimated that he deliberately drowned the submarine after the incident.

Madsen, for his part, repeatedly denied having murdered the journalist. In a Copenhagen court last month, he claimed she had been killed when the submarine door hit in her head. Already when he was arrested, Madsen claimed that Wall’s death was the result of a submarine accident. He said in his testimony in court that he had come out of the submarine, stood on deck and held the door to Kim to follow him. Then, according to Madsen, the submarine shaken a wave as a result of the cruise of a nearby ship. The door, weighing 155-pound (70 kg), slipped from his hand.

“I lost my grip and the door closed,” he said. The door knocked Wall down to the floor of the submarine. “There was a pool of blood where it fell,” he said. Madsen added that he had thrown the body of the Swedish journalist into the sea. “I did not want a body in my submarine,” he said.

Madsen denied he had cleared the body, which was found in the sea near Copenhagen without a head and hands. He claimed that he threw the body “intact” into the sea a few hours after her death. “I was in shock and it was the right thing to do,” he said. According to him, he passed through the hours between death and the throwing of the body. “I was tired and worn out,” he said.

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