FBI: Teenager Sold Jewish centre bomb threats on dark web for only £23



US authorities say the teenager accused of a wave of bomb threats to dozens Jewish community centers and schools across the United States, advertised his threat-making business on the Dark Web. He allegedly has charged only about £23-£30 per center he threatened.

18-year-old Michael Kadar from Ashkelon in southern Israel was arrested in March and has been charged in federal court in Orlando, Florida, with 28 counts of making threatening calls and conveying false information to police.

An unsealed court documents link Kadar to marketplace AlphaBay a dark web site which sold illegal goods and services until it was shut down by US authorities earlier this year. His advertising ad allegedly offered “School Email Bomb Threat Service.”

The poster offered to send customized threats to schools, plus a surcharge if the buyer seeks to have someone framed.

Kadar, who has dual Israeli-US citizenship, had a tariff for more services: the price would increase if the customer wanted to target more than one school or an entire district. He also offered refunds if a threat produced no evidence of success, the Daily Beast has reported.



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