Published On: Tue, Aug 8th, 2017

Poll: 75% of Americans do not believe Trump’s White House

CNN released a poll showing a new slump in support of the Trump and worrying data about Americans' feelings about their president: Trump is doing a good job

WASHINGTON (CNN) – A new poll showing a decline in American public opinion about President Donald Trump – the lowest level of support the network has measured since the start of his term in office.

The survey found that 75% of respondents “do not believe most of the information they hear from the White House.” Only 24 percent said they believed in all the official information, or most of the information, received from the administration. 30% said they “do not believe anything they hear” from the president’s office. Even among the Republican camp – only about half of the respondents say they can believe most of the information from the White House.

As for the trump itself, only 30% say they adore it, and 34% say they are proud to be their president. A majority of 55% believes Trump has lowered the threshold of the presidential institution. Six out of 10 respondents do not think Trump is a reliable and honest person.

Trump is known for Twitter tweets late at night, and most Americans agree with his assessment that tweets allow him to communicate directly with his supporters without the need for media. However, 71% of respondents believe that tweets do not constitute a recommended way of communication for a president.

A majority of 52% believes that tweets are not an effective way for Trump to share his views on important issues, and 72% say the tweets do not send the right message to the rest of the world. Seven out of 10 respondents testified that too often Trump seemed to be chirping in response to the news on the television channels he was probably watching. Six out of ten say that tweets can be incomprehensible, and 63% believe too often that they are misleading. Only 10% of the respondents testified that they shared or responded to the president’s publication on social networks.

62% said that his statements, statements, and actions since he began his term of office had lowered the level of trust in his ability to be president. Only 39% think Trump can manage the government effectively – as opposed to 44% of respondents who felt this way in April. Fifty-eight percent of the respondents, six out of ten, said the high turnover of employees in the White House was undermining the efficiency of the administration, and 62% thought Trump did not do a good job of assembling his senior advisers.

Only 36% of respondents define Trump’s first six months of success – compared with 59% who think Trump is not doing a good job. Only one American president suffered such low support after half a year in the White House – President Bill Clinton, with 44% support that went sour in 1993. Former Presidents Barack Obama and George Bush were considered by most Americans to be successful at this stage of their term – 51% Obama as a success, and 56% Bush.

Republican support ratings dropped – 59% said they support it, compared to 73% last February. On the other hand, respondents from the Democratic camp maintain their position and the percentage of lack of support for them remain around 80%. But despite the gloomy numbers, 53% of respondents said they still feel that things are going well in the United States, a figure that has remained constant since last April.

Expectations that Trump will result in a dying change. 43% of the respondents said that “Trump can bring about the change that this country needs.” In April 48% of respondents felt that way. Even about key issues, the percentage of support for the Trump tends to be negative. A majority of 59% says that Trump does not give enough attention to the country’s major problems. 47% do not believe he is doing a good job in security, and 47% do not believe he is properly handling the economy. 62% are disappointed with his health insurance policy, 61% are disappointed with his foreign relations, 55% are disappointed with his immigration actions, and 54% are disappointed with his actions for the middle class. Regarding tax matters, the percentage of opponents stands at 48%.

The survey, conducted for the network by the SSRS research firm, was conducted over the weekend by telephone with a representative sample of 1,018 randomly chosen adults.

The Trump camp issued no response, but it can only be guessed that Trump will reject outright the survey conducted by the Pike News network. “It’s hard to believe that with fake news being broadcast on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, the Washington Post and the New York Times 24/7, Trump’s supporters are “growing stronger!” Trump said.


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