Published On: Mon, Aug 7th, 2017

North Korea vows ‘thousands-fold’ revenge on US over sanctions

Pyongyang took a threatening revenge approach in response to the harsh sanctions the United States imposed on the isolated country in the UN.

North Korea on Monday denounced the United States sanctions because they violated its sovereignty and promised a “just action” against the United States.

In a statement issued by the state news agency in Pyongyang, it said that the country would never give up its right to nuclear weapons and that the nuclear program was not “on the table” as long as the United States continued its “hostile policy toward the North.”

The announcement contained a threatening message to the United States that “the biggest mistake of the United States is that it believed it was safe from a strike across the ocean.”

In a separate statement, Pyongyang rejected South Korea’s efforts to appease them, calling them “dishonest,” a threat that jeopardizes the conciliatory approach of the South Korean president and and raises the hazard of tensions between the two countries. It also reported that a meeting between the foreign ministers of the two countries concluded without results.

Meanwhile, Australia and Japan also called on the United Nations to condemn and strengthen the sanctions against North Korea and condemned its conduct as provocative and dangerous.

The new sanctions imposed on Pyongyang could cut North Korea’s exports by one-third and hurt the North Korean foreign workers market. Besides, restrictions will be imposed on the export of coal and iron from the isolated country.

China’s foreign minister said yesterday that the new sanctions imposed by the United Nations on North Korea are the right response to the series of missile tests, but dialogue is necessary to resolve the complex and sensitive issue currently in the “critical junction.”

The sanctions are a diplomatic achievement for President Trump’s administration after several months in which the regime promised to respond to tests of ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons in a way that would harm Kim Jong-un’s regime.

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